Google+ is hardly new, but when compared to Facebook it is still very wet behind the ears. Google’s new social media platform amazed everyone at their mind blowing joining rates when they launched last year, and especially in December. But many futurists have different opinions for the future of Google+, some believe Google can and will reach 400 million users by end of this year, other look at the trend associated to people signing up and then leaving their profile inactive.

Despite these mixed industry feelings, Google are putting up a big fight, Circles are a fantastic concept, and one Facebook quickly adopted. The very core of Google+ is the ability to manage who sees what content on your profile, because frankly not everyone wants to see pictures of your vegetable garden. Facebook have hit back at Circles with their new Timeline, where users can have streams of customised content on their profile pages. Google+ offers Volume Control where essentially you turn the volume up or down on your various streams to customise what you get to see. This makes it easy to modify your stream; if your family and friends are getting too noisy, you can just turn them down.

The battlelines have been drawn, Facebook and Google are bringing all their toys to the party, and we should be expecting many more interesting innovations from these two giants.

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