The trusted Yellow Pages – Not too long ago this was the main source of finding any business.  Everything can now be found on Google locally and globally.  Local SEO matters and we are going to tell you why.

Gone are the days of searching alphabetically through a big yellow book for a business.  With just a quick click of a button and a short command everything is at your fingertips.

Although this is a global economy that we are living in, a lot of businesses today still drive their sales at a local level.


Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Not Neglect Your Local SEO Market


Local Reviews And Word Of Mouth


Businesses who have been reviewed many times and come highly rated will be given authority by Google first.  One of the most important ranking factors on Google is the quality and quantity of reviews you have.

Having your correct contact information available online can greatly improve the local search results in building a good reputation.


More Targeted Marketing Online Than Traditional Marketing (flyers/newspapers etc)


When proper planned SEO work is done on a website, the immediate result is hotter leads and higher conversion rates.  Potential clients will be able to find your business faster.

Handing out flyers and advertising in a newspaper is still beneficial, however it can be wasteful as you will not always be reaching your target audience.   Local SEO provides focused marketing which comes off less aggressive than traditional marketing.

Cost effective — SEO is significantly cheaper than traditional marketing.  Flyers can be sent out to hundreds, even thousands of people, but unfortunately most of these flyers end up in the trash immediately.  Why –  they are not looking for what the flyer is selling!  You can spend the same amount of money on a Pay Per Click campaign for local SEO Keywords, while reaching the audience that is seeking your services or products directly.


Higher Conversion Rates


The clients can find you online without you having to go out and find the business by process of elimination.

If something is not working according to plan you can change the strategy quickly.  How well the SEO campaign is doing can be shown with easy results. Local SEO provides real time data that can be quickly measured.


Everyone uses Mobile Phones


While on the road a potential client can find your business quickly and literally be on your doorstep the next.

Clients want the answers now, and the days of waiting for information to come to them are gone.  If we want something we take our mobile phones out and type in the questions and seconds later the answer appears.


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