Define your target market and purpose of the website design

Are you aligning your website goals and design towards what your potential clients needs are?  Defining your target market is an essential key ingredient to building your website.

Be sneaky

Gather information on your competitors website.  A little bit of time taken to do some snooping can really work to your advantage.   Get inspired and perhaps you may come up with some amazing ideas for your site and put in plan something you may not have thought of to benefit you.


You need to take the time to ensure that your website is successful.  It is an investment and shouldn’t just be something that you bought and refer potential clients too.

Mobile Friendly

It is critical that your website is mobile friendly – over 60% of all browsing happens on a mobile phone. If your site can’t be seen on it or if it doesn’t display correctly you will lose business.


You need to change your website every few years, or give it an ongoing facelift every few months.  Changes to images, text and general information can be beneficial to keeping clients engaged and excited about using your site. Something as simple as adding a blog here and there can really assist with your SEO rankings too.


Don’t be afraid to do something different to what your competitors are doing – sometimes it pays to be different so you can stand out and get all the attention!


Faster pages earn higher SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rankings than the slower ones.  Google has also announced that it is moving in the same direction for mobile web pages. Overall you get rewarded for having a speedy website and your clients have a better overall experience.

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