This week we look at Mobile Development as part of our six part blog series on the Wonderful World of Web Design.

Mobile technology has evolved into your best friend and serves as the golden key to getting you connected to your customer in the online world.  It is simple.  You need to reach as many people on as many devices in as many areas of the globe as possible.

Mobile browsing

Technologically advanced mobile devices are popping up daily with more and more users browsing the internet through their phones.  The mobile smartphone and tablet environment is growing at an alarming rate with a large number of operating systems designed for these platforms.  This is leading us into a mobile market where mobile search is taking on a larger amount of web search than their desktop counterparts.

When looking at moving into a mobile web space, be aware of any quick converting tools.  These converters will transform your web solution but will not adapt to the structure and view to fit most mobile devices.  Opt for a custom mobile application to create your mobile optimized site that will consider not only the screen size but also the context-, content-, and component-specific needs of mobile users and their devices.

An estimated 10.2 mil South African adults own a cell phone with browsing capabilities. Do the sums. The Mobile web is the future.