Blogging is important, even with all the hype around video content, it’s quite normal to think that blogging is no longer vital. Featuring on page one of a Search Engine is important.  The more online readers see you, the more traffic you will get to your website.  It’s easier than you think to get there – it requires a bit of dedication, some keywords and ideas!

If you are already in the swing of things your 2019 strategy should involve blogging as usual – if not now is the perfect time to start introducing blogging as part of your content strategy!


Here are 7 reasons why Blogging is so Important


Blogs are trusted

This is where you find your voice to show the world out there that you are human. It’s what differentiates you from your competitors and builds your business personality.

More Leads

Businesses who use blogs as part of the marketing strategy get over 60% more leads than those who don’t.  It is a great way to provide systematic information online to your readers without being too constricted.

Blogs are Engaging

Videos are engaging, but people still like to read and have the information at hand. Only 30% of online visitors consider videos to be vital. Blogging is considered much higher at over 70% engagement.

Higher Ranking online

If you feature a blog as part of your website you will rank higher on search engines…much higher – in fact over 400% More! This is definitely not a statistic to be ignored.

Drives Traffic

It drives Traffic to your website – It’s perfect for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) You will rank higher organically and you will reach more readers online.

Inbound Links

It encourages inbound links to your website. If you blog you are 90% more likely to receive more visitors to your website.

Encourages Interaction

Interacting with your customers doesn’t have to be done exclusively on social media. Writing a blog allows open communication and invites people to engage.  Blogging forces you to be out of your comfort zone. Transparent story telling excites readers and is a wonderful way to provide them with valuable information.


Even if you have been blogging for quite some time and have yet to rank – don’t give up!  Make sure Blogging is part of your 2019 content strategy and concentrate on producing valuable, exciting and interesting content!

If this all sounds a bit scary, and writing is definitely not your thing, then contact NetMechanic to help you!  Blogging is definitely worth it and an opportunity for your business not to be missed in 2019!