Starting a business, or trying to build one up, can be a difficult and sometimes tiring task. And in today’s increasingly digital world, if you are not online…well…you’re basically invisible. While many startups do not have the budget for a full-time digital marketing agency, they are usually able to make use of social media marketing to reach their audiences.  

If you are looking at social media marketing for your brand, there are some simple tips you can follow to increase your visibility. Crafting a strong brand on social media is no easy feat, but it can provide you with some impressive results. Understanding your audience and using the right platform for your industry are important parts of building your brand through social media. Keep reading below for more top tips. 


Find The Right Platforms


The first step in building your brand through social media is to find the right platforms for your business, brand, and niche. A financial firm might fare better on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter than it would on Instagram and Snapchat. This is because your audience is not consuming content on highly visual platforms, and prefers ones which offer the option to read more long-form content. 

Knowing where your audience is can help you to choose the right platform, and this can be found out using analytics and data. You should also think about the type of content you will be sharing; if you are more of a visual brand, then Instagram and Snapchat are likely the best choices for your content. Choosing the wrong platform for your brand could be highly detrimental to your reputation and online visibility. 


Consistency Across All Platforms


Once you have chosen the right platform for your brand, you will need to remember to keep your brand voice and imagery consistent across all platforms. This consistency also extends to your website, as this is the first impression people will get of your brand. From here, people will move onto your social media platforms, and if there is a disconnect here, they will soon lose interest in your brand. 

You will need to be consistent with colours, fonts, tone of voice, language used, images, and even your posting style. If you start by posting an inspirational quote on a Monday, you will need to maintain this posting schedule across all platforms and in your content marketing strategy. Being consistent will help to maintain your brand image and authenticity, which is what consumers of today demand from brands they follow. 


Build Your Brand Voice


Your brand voice is an important part of a social media marketing campaign, and can be helped along by choosing the right platforms and the right content. The wording and imagery you use will help to build this brand voice, but be sure that it is consistent with your industry. Social media marketing success can be tricky to achieve and maintain if your content does not align with your mission, vision, and values. 

A brand voice is how you speak to your audience, and they should always agree with and like what you are saying to them. This means that you should always perform research before you make any posts that relate to pop culture, as posting content incorrectly or with the wrong timing can cause serious issues for your brand. A brand should not be too political and your voice should never be too forceful or sales focused. 


Humanise Your Language


On your website, you can use formal and technical language, as you want to come across as an expert in your field. However, when you are posting on social media, you should use “human” language, or avoid using too much jargon and formal language. Of course, this applies to which platform you are using. 

LinkedIn calls for slightly more corporate language, although this is starting to change thanks to the younger generation becoming frequent users. Using language that your consumers use when they are talking or posting on social media will help you to come across as more relatable, encouraging better brand interaction from your consumers. It will also help to give your brand a personality, helping you to stand out from the crowds. 


Engage With Your Followers


Once you have your brand image, voice, and platforms chosen, you will need to ensure that you are always engaging with your followers. If someone comments on a post, answer the comment, whether it is good or bad. Remember that you should always use the right platform for your industry and brand, and ensure your consistency across each platform. 

You can engage with your followers by replying to their comments and messages, asking them to create content and tag your brand, and by creating content that they can interact with. If you would like help with an improved social media marketing strategy, speak to the NetMechanic team to find out what we can offer you.