With the December holidays just around the corner (as we can see from the decorations already popping up around shopping centres) NetMechanic has decided to initiate a unique campaign on their social media networks. We are hosting a competition that allows charities and non-profit organisations to win the chance of having a website designed for them for absolutely free. 

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in South Africa, we feel it is our duty as skilled graphic designers, website developers, and content creators to use our abilities to help create awareness about causes. Each one of our team members is passionate about something, and we are looking forward to reading each of the entries we receive on our social media platforms. 


Why Do Charities Need Websites?


In today’s world of digital marketing and social media, not having a website or an online presence can be detrimental to your charity’s cause and ability to bring in donations. It is a fact that charities rely heavily on the donations of the general public, but if the public cannot find you online, they will not be able to easily donate to your cause. 


Raising Awareness For Your Cause


One of the major benefits of having a website for your charity is to raise awareness for your cause. There are hundreds of charities today that need to improve their online presence, but without a website, this can not realistically be achieved. 

Your website can inform and educate your audience about your cause, the history of your charity, as well as any goals you might have achieved for your cause. Informing your audience about why your charity matters is crucial to the success of an organisation of any size. If nobody is aware of why you are doing what you are doing, then you will not be able to encourage any donations. 


Highlight Your Mission Statement


One of the major benefits of having a website for your charity is that it can help you to highlight your mission statement. It will allow you to clarify exactly what your goals are with your organisation. For example, you might want to raise awareness about the hunger that children suffer in rural areas. Your website can help you to do this. 

With a professionally designed website, you will be able to highlight your mission and connect with your audience on an emotional level. When people are able to see exactly how you plan on using their donations, they are more likely to donate to your cause. A well-written mission statement can also help you to cement corporate donors who are interested in similar causes. Your mission statement can be placed on its own page and you can even share this page on your social media platforms for more visibility. 


Encourage Volunteering And Ease Staff Recruitment


If your charity is one which needs the help of volunteers or if you are in need of extra staff, you can use your website to encourage volunteers and even recruit staff. Your website design agency can incorporate tools such as online forms and questionnaires for people to fill in and answer to ascertain whether they would be a good fit for the charity. 

Remember, your website is an effective marketing tool and is ideal for promoting volunteering as well as for hiring permanent staff. For example, if you need more volunteers for the holidays to help out at your animal shelter, you can advertise this on your website. You can set up a Careers Page on your website where people can apply for jobs, without having to go through a complicated recruitment process, saving you time and effort. 


Spread The Good News


Having your own website will also allow you to upload blogs, articles, and even video content to show your audience what you have been doing and what goals you have achieved for your cause. This content will not only improve your website but will also show your audience that you are using their donations for good and are active rather than passive. 

You should be sure to upload to your blog regularly and even tie these posts into an email newsletter for a more effective digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is the ideal solution for smaller charities who want to reach a wider audience, but this should be backed up by a professional website. Your blog can be shared on social media and can help to improve your online presence as well as encourage more donations. 


Chipper And Charitable


Having a website for your charity will help you in more ways than you thought possible. You can raise awareness for your cause, you can highlight your mission statement for donors, and you can even encourage more volunteers and workers. 

Entering the NetMechanic competition for your charity is the ideal way to improve your reach and audience. Another benefit of this competition is that we will be posting every entry onto our social media platforms, which will also help those who do not win to gain more awareness and even some donations. 


What is the awesome prize we are giving away?


Valued at R14000 The prize is as follows:

  • A consultation to discuss your website
  • Basic 5 Page Website Including 10 free images
  • Maximum 4 Sections per page  
  • Theme-based design  
  • Copywriting ( 5 x 400 words)
  • One web form
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Google Business Listing  
  • Local Domain, Hosting & setup is free for the first year 

Remember, Terms & Conditions Apply!

If you are not chosen as the winner, you will still reap the benefits! Our team will be sharing the information and stories we receive from those who enter on social media, helping to build awareness for your cause. 

The competition closes on the 10th of January 2020 and the winner will be announced on the 20th of January 2020. 

You can enter by filling in this form to tell us more about your cause or nominate a cause close to your heart. Answer some simple questions, tell us why you need a website and why you should win, and click submit! Our team is waiting to hear from you!