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 We pride ourselves in offering efficient and effective one-on-one training for a variety of content management systems (CMS).

With the NetMechanic team, you are able to learn something new every day (like, did you know that space smells like seared steak? – well, you do now).

Working hand-in-hand with your employees, we will train them on how to edit content, including inputting different types of content, how to preview this content, as well as how to check and edit the content before pressing the publish button.

There is no need for your staff to have any HTML knowledge, because the process is simple and easy to understand. Our team will also demonstrate how to upload and add media, as well as publish images and video to the website.

For those who might have a catalogue or an e-commerce website, we are able to train you in how to add and manage products, orders, and shipping.

CMS Training

Our content management systems training focuses on the following systems:


Ecommerce Platform Training

We can train you in the following ecommerce platforms:


Who will benefit from the training

  • Staff who need to edit, add, or manage content
  • Authors who would like to add, manage, or edit content on their site
  • Bloggers who need to upskill or learn new skills
  • Copywriters who are interested in content management
  • Retail store owners who want to build or improve their online store