Having a blog for your business is one of the best ways to promote your brand, products, and services. But, other than sharing your blogs on your own social media platforms and website, you want it to be compelling enough that others will share them, too. The more shares on Facebook and Twitter and the more links back to the blog that you receive, the better the online visibility you will gain. 

When you are working on your content marketing strategy your blogs should be an important consideration. Share-worthy content is more than just a standard blog, it involves engaging the reader, sparking their interest, and encouraging them to share the content with others. Achieving this can be difficult, so below we have some top tips for creating share-worthy blog posts. 


Audience Always Comes First


Focusing on your audience will help to ensure that anything you write and share on your blog page will resonate with them, leading to them sharing this content with others. You will need to research your audience in order to understand demographics, behaviours, and interests. If you have invested in a digital marketing agency, you will have access to these details.

Your blog topic should address a potential question that your audience has and provide a clear and relevant answer. Letting your users guide your content creation and content marketing strategy will mean that your blog is relevant and valuable, making it more likely to be shared on social media and even through backlinking. 


Think About Topics


Once you have your audience in mind, you should move on to thinking about the topics they might search for or be interested in reading about. This can be done by looking at the keywords you found when creating your content marketing strategy or by going onto a search engine yourself and typing ina question you would like answered. 

You can write a blog post answering a question about a product or service, which is highly share-worthy and relevant for clients. Some other topics could even be pulled from emails sent in by your consumers, which is a creative way to use content marketing to show that you are listening to their concerns and are attempting to answer their questions. 


Hook Them With A Headline


Your headlines are the first thing that readers will see when reading your blog, so be sure to hook them with a catchy one. It will need to be enticing and encourage them to click it and read the rest of your article…and it will need to be something that is worth sharing on social media. A smart solution is to use the question you are answering in your blog as the title. 

You will need to include keywords in your headlines so that they will appear in search engine results. You could also use numbers to attract viewers and encourage shares, such as, “Top 5 Cat-Friendly Restaurants In Cape Town.” This will tell readers what to expect and will tell them if your blog is answering their questions or not. 


Check Your Spelling


Now, this might sound like an obvious tip, but keeping your spelling and grammar in check when creating content marketing material such as a blog is very important. Your readers will be on the lookout for any errors, and this could mean that your content is seen as being of a lower quality or not being credible. 

Another aspect to remember is that readers are not likely to share content that has spelling mistakes and that is badly written, so be sure to perform a spelling and grammar check before you post any blogs to your website or social media platforms. You can use free online tools such as Grammarly to check your grammar and spelling, or you could employ an editor who will read over the blogs to ensure their accuracy. 


Break It Down


You have finished the hard bit of creating a catchy headline, but if your readers are taken to a lengthy blog post with no subheadings, paragraph breaks, or images, they will likely click away without even reading the first few sentences. And if they do not read your blog, they will not share your blog, meaning that your content marketing efforts will have been in vain. 

Breaking down your blog post into paragraphs with catchy sub-headings and using one idea per paragraph will make it easier to digest and more share-worthy in the eyes of your readers. Be sure your blog focuses on the needs and questions of your audience, that the spelling and grammar is all correct, and that it is relevant to your consumers. If you would like to improve your content marketing strategy with a blog, speak to NetMechanic today to find out what we can offer you.