There is a page on your website that is a conversion goldmine waiting to be used. No, it is not one of your product pages, and it is not your checkout page. It is your Thank You page. Now, you might be scratching your head in confusion – after all, your thank you page is the last page your audience sees – but, if it is used creatively and intelligently, this page can lead to more conversions and return customers. 

When you are working with a digital marketing agency you will learn about lead generation and lead nurturing. Now, to those who are not in the know, these can be confusing terms. Lead generation is when you gain more consumers and broaden your audience. Lead nurturing is engaging the consumer meaningfully at every stage of the consumer’s journey. A thank you page is part of the latter and can be extremely useful for improving your conversion rate. 

Still not convinced? Below we take a look at how to craft the perfect thank you page for stellar results. 


Clear Confirmation Message


The very first step in creating a thank you page that actually converts is to have a clear confirmation message. If you are creating one for an email newsletter sign up, the message should read something like, “Thank You For Signing Up. Please Check Your Email For Further Instructions”. 

A clear message tells the consumer what to expect and reminds them of the action they have taken. Many thank you pages stop here, and this is where companies are missing out on an untapped resource. Your message could read something like, “Thank you for signing up for our newsletter. Want more awesome content? Check out out our blog here” and link to your blog page. This will encourage them to take the next step in your lead nurturing process without seeming intrusive. 


Request Referrals


If your goal is to gain more subscribers for your email marketing campaign, you can use your thank you page to ask customers for referrals. Now, this might not sound like an idea that would work, but it can be hugely successful when done correctly. If consumers believe in a brand or business, they are willing to tell others about it. 

On your thank you page, you can direct your customers to a page where they can send an email to a friend or family member who might be interested in your brand. You can make it even simpler by automating the process with a pre-written email linking to your website. Customers will enjoy the novelty of this process and may even send the email to more than one person. Referrals can be a highly effective digital marketing tool when implemented intelligently. 


Up The Ante With Up-Selling Or Cross-Selling


If the goal of your thank you page is to increase your value in the eyes of your consumer, you can do this by up-selling or cross-selling on this page. If you sell musical instruments, you could offer various up- and cross-selling options such as a four-year warranty on a new guitar or online music lessons for a new instrument. 

Make sure that the instructions on these up-sells are clear: they are optional extras that will add value to the customer’s purchase. The same can be done if you want to provide better content to your consumers. Offer them a whitepaper or a PDF download once they have signed up for a newsletter. The customer will not feel as though they are being sold to if the options are personalised and optional


Social Sharing Is Caring


An effective way to utilise your thank you page is to ask for social shares. This will help you to gain more online visibility and increase your social media presence. And your audience is likely already using a form of social media, which will make it easy for them to do. Consumers today trust social media reviews and shares and will put more trust in your brand. 

You can keep the message simple and ask them to share a link that you provide or offer an incentive such as sharing a post and receiving a voucher as thanks. Social media marketing is nothing new but ti can be implemented in creative ways, such as on a thank you page. If you have an incentive to offer at the same time, you will find that it is more likely that people will share your link or content. 


Thanks For Your Time


Having a thank you page is common in many digital marketing strategies, but the customer journey does not need to stop there. Having the perfect thank you page can help to improve your lead nurturing campaign. Have a clear confirmation message, as for referrals, and remember to up- or cross-sell any other products the customer might like. 

Your marketing campaign should include each step of the buyer’s journey, and so the thank you page is an important consideration. For those who would like to provide added value to their customers, speak to the NetMechanic team about how we can help you.