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Telling your story visually is one of the many specialisations of the NetMechanic creative team. After all, people are becoming more and more visual these days. With professional graphic design services, we will be able to create a design to tell your brand story and engage with potential customers and clients.

If your logo is looking a little stale, your corporate identity needs a facelift, or if you need a new business card design to match your new branding, our creative team is here to help. First impressions can rarely be made twice, which is why you need professional graphic design services every time.

Graphic Design

Graphic design often seems like a form of alchemy, combining the science of technology with the finesse of art. And without good graphic design, any logos, flyers, and branding will fall flat.

We can create on-brand and cutting-edge corporate identity designs, unique logos, stand-out brochures, and professional business cards. Our team will first gain an understanding of your business in order to create graphic designs that represent your brand accurately.

Print Solutions

Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead. Here at NetMechanic, our graphic design team uses the most up-to-date printing methods and mixed media techniques for all branding applications. We can craft business cards that will put even the pickiest businessmen to shame.

Our print solutions include brochures to showcase your services, posters to advertise your business, stunning wallpapers to spice up your office walls, and flyers to hand out for more brand awareness.

3D Design And Animation

Technology is moving forward at break-neck speeds, and so our graphic design services are growing to catch up. 3D visualisation is one of the most effective and flexible methods of showcasing a product (whether it exists or not!).

Our team will start with sketches and ideas to ensure that whatever we create will live up to the vision of our clients. This way, clients will be able to see what their finished project will look like. With 3D animation, our team can enhance your content offering and improve brand engagement.


Excitement is the key to effective content marketing, and what could be more exciting than customised animations for your website or videos? Our team believes that getting the story right for animation services means that half of the job is done – the rest is up to our imagination.

By adding animation to your videos or your landing pages, you are providing your audience with easy-to-consume content that engages them and interacts with them. Good animation is quick and to the point, which will keep your audience interested for longer.

Drone Photography

Drone photography is becoming more impactful than people realise. It can be used in numerous ways, from introducing your business office block to clients to showcasing properties for estate agents.

It is the cutting-edge of technology and will put you head and shoulders above the competition. The NetMechanic team will work with you to take stunning photographs of your property, products, and even your team. You can provide insight into your processes or use the photographs as part of your print marketing campaign.

Packshot Photography

Packshot photography might sound a little technical, but simply put, it is a still photograph of a product featuring the packaging. It is a useful tool to drive sales and build brand awareness. Showcasing your products helps us in the marketing world to create better content to entice buyers.

Our team will set up styled shoots that highlight all the best aspects of your products, and use these images in further marketing material and on your website’s product pages. Having tailored, professional photographs of your products not only makes you stand out, it also improves brand trust.


Photography is an integral part of any marketing strategy, whether you use it to showcase your products and services, or need photographs taken for a new campaign. After all, many people trust images more than words, especially in today’s more visual culture.

The NetMechanic team can take on-brand, carefully crafted photographs of whatever you need, ranging from product photography to styled shoots for websites. So, instead of relying on stock images that everyone else is using, contact us for customised photographs for your business.


Videography is fast-becoming one of the most popular methods of creating content for marketing strategies. It is an effective method of visually reaching your audience and providing exciting content.

NetMechanic can deliver stunning, on-brand videos for any application, whether it is an explainer video for your brand, a product announcement for social media, or an advertisement for your business. We will work with you to create a video that is fresh, exciting, and engaging. Our team knows how to connect with consumers at every level of their buyer’s journey.