When I first came across the Motorola Atrix in January last year I was blown away by the concept, here is a device that merges the world of mobile computing with the convenience of a desktop PC.

For those of you not aware of what this device offers read up and be amazed,

Atrix is one of the first devices which integrated the Ubuntu-based ‘Webtop’ application from Motorola. Atrix launches the Webtop application when it is connnected to the external display through Laptop dock or HD multimedia dock. In Webtop mode, offering a user interface similar to typical desktop Ubuntu, Atrix can run several applications on the external display such as Firefox web browser, SNS clients and the ‘mobile view’ application enabling total access of Atrix and its screen. – source Wikipedia

In a nutshell what it means is that while you’re on the move you use your device like you would normally, checking email, doing a quick bit research online and using the to-do list. When you get back to the office you plug your phone into the specially designed dock, which is connected to a large LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse. All of your information will now be viewable on what is in essence a fully working PC. You can now happily continue with your work and everything will be stored on your phone’s memory.

What this means is that no matter where you go, as long as you have your phone with you, you’ll have access to all of your work and social contacts. One device and all the functionality you want. This shift in the way we see our devices was exactly what I was waiting for in technology, and naturally I became a prophet for this device and shift in thinking. Yes, costs were very high, but it was the forward-thinking on an epic scale. Unfortunately the high cost and usual network provider red tape kept the device away from our shores until recently.

In a world of having multiple devices, phones, tablets and laptops, I feel we as the consumers can be disillusioned and slightly confused with the technology at our disposal. Bringing all of that together into one single, powerful device is the future I believe. Now it looks like my vision is being shared by the charming people over at Ubuntu with the announcement of Ubuntu for Android, a single powerful handheld device that works as well on your desk via the dock as it does in your hand while sitting in a coffee shop. Watch this technology in action here.

I will anxiously be watching the online space to see what happens moving forward now, who else will be joining the party or what will come along that converts this prophet for device singularity.