It is a well-known fact that the internet as it is today is easily accessible, and this has seen constant daily usage increase by a significant amount. Adults across the globe are using the internet at an almost hourly rate, and this constant usage has increased by up to five per cent over the last three years

This “always-on” mindset has certainly changed the manner in which consumers interact with brands, including the way they make purchases. It is safe to say that traditional offline marketing methods simply will not cut it any more. However, the basic idea of marketing has not changed, in that connecting with your audience at the right time in the right place of their customer journey is the main goal. 

Today, you need to invest in digital marketing services in order to be successful. Not sure what, exactly, digital marketing is? Keep reading below to find out more from the experts. 


What Is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing can be considered to be any form of marketing product that is delivered through electronic devices or the Internet. These digital channels can include anything from social media to mobile applications to email marketing and even web applications. Digital marketing is a form of marketing, but it is more successful when performed online. 

Digital marketing is so much more successful than print marketing because search engines such as Google or Bing have more eyes looking at them. And this means that your website, social media platform, or online advertisements have more views than printed posters or flyers. 

Think about it like this: what was the last important purchase that you made? Perhaps it was a new tap for your broken kitchen sink, or maybe you invested in a new laptop to work from home with? Whatever it was, you likely performed online research before making a purchase. Your final decision was likely based on reviews, suggestions from family or friends, and of course, the pricing involved. However, your “buyer’s journey” began online. 

This is where digital marketing comes in.


What Are The Different Aspects Of Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing has many different moving parts, all of which work together in order to make a successful digital marketing campaign. Below we break down the different aspects of digital marketing and what each one entails.


  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION: Search engine optimisation is often known in marketing lingo as SEO. It is arguably one of the most important parts of digital marketing because it helps search engines “find” your business online. 

It is the process of optimising your website in order to rank higher on search engine results pages. Some of these strategies include writing blogs for your own website (commonly known as inbound marketing or onsite SEO) and submitting articles to another website for publication (known as offsite SEO). 

There is also technical SEO which involves image compression, structured data, and file optimisation. These all help your website to perform better and improve SEO rankings.


  • CONTENT MARKETING: A major part of SEO is content marketing, which we touched on in the point above. Content marketing is the creation and promotion of content in order to generate brand awareness, website traffic, and drive lead generation. 

Content marketing includes writing blogs for your own and other platforms, creating eBooks and whitepapers on topics in your industry, as well as videos and infographics. Your content can be placed on a variety of channels and can be promoted using social media channels and even Google Ads.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: It is no secret that the world today is a social one, which is why social media marketing is fast-becoming an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. Using social media platforms can help to increase your brand awareness and engagement, drive traffic to your website, and encourage consumer interaction with your brand. 

There are various social media channels that you can choose from, some of which are more popular than others. These channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat. For visual content, it is best to use platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Facebook is best for longer posts and LinkedIn is ideal for more corporate posts.


  • PAY PER CLICK: Pay Per Click is one of the more popular forms of digital marketing because it allows for more control over advertisements. It is a paid form of advertising wherein you pay a publisher every time your advert is clicked on. 

One of the most popular PPC methods is to use Google Ads because it allows you to pay for top spots on Google’s search engine results pages at a price per click of the links that are placed. Other channels also offer this service, such as Facebook paid advertisements, Twitter Ad Campaigns, and sponsored LinkedIn messages. 

Digital marketing is a multi-faceted form of marketing and is one of the best ways to get your brand seen, heard, and followed by consumers. If your business is not online or is not investing in digital marketing, you might be losing out on a significant number of leads. Contact NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you tap into this audience.