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What are Infographics?

We all live in an age where we are bombarded with information, which is why they call it the information age. We have seemingly unlimited access to it, given the right motivation and patience we can find out anything about everything and everything about anything! The...

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UI vs UX

Do you know how Apple's app switching ability works? How it can look like magic when you go from one application to another instantly? They save a screenshot of every app when it closes. When you start the app back up, the first thing that happens is that the OS shows...

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How to fight the good fight online

In the current age of digital marketing small to medium sized companies can compete with large companies for the attention of consumers online. With an effective strategy your company can make the same impact your larger competitors do, and even surpass them with more...

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Pinterest, what is it all about?

Pinterest, it's the latest obsession and the newest social media craze, with 80% of users female and 55% of all users between the ages of 25-44, Pinterest reaches a very desired demographic. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an online pin board, much like a traditional...

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Responsive Web Design

Crowdsourcing is any sort of outsourcing that involves a large group of people actively participating in the project. Generally, this is the public, but a business might also utilise crowdsourcing techniques to develop an internal application. Examples are large...

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