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How Effective Is Your Website?

  94% of buyers research a company online before making a purchase decision. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, or who your target market is. What matters is the first impression they get when they go online and see your website.   Here are some Key...

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4 Reasons Why Local SEO Matters

The trusted Yellow Pages - Not too long ago this was the main source of finding any business.  Everything can now be found on Google locally and globally.  Local SEO matters and we are going to tell you why. Gone are the days of searching alphabetically through a big...

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Our 5 Most Important SEO Audit Factors For 2018

Avoid free SEO Audits An SEO audit often only provides a quick sneak peak of your website’s SEO health. A reliable, proper SEO audit comes from industry experts who are just that - experts. SEO audits are a worthwhile investment when done the right way with a trusted...

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5 Reasons to upgrade to Magento 2

These are just some of the questions you may have and we hope to clear this up for you. Who should migrate?  Why should you migrate to Magento 2 and how should it be performed? How much money does the migration to Magento 2 require? Most importantly one must realise...

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Mobile Apps

Mobile AppsIn South Africa, there are millions of smartphone users. These days’ consumers spend at least 3 hours per day on their mobile phones. This should be music to your years when considering to invest in a mobile app for your business. If you don’t know why here...

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