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Thirteen Ways to Use LinkedIn

Most people use LinkedIn to "get to someone" in order to make a sale, form a partnership, or get a job. It works well for this because it is an online network of more than 8.5 million experienced professionals from around the world representing 130 industries....

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How to get the most out of Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming the name of the game in the new generation of marketing. Many businesses hear about the advantages of social media in terms of marketing their products or services, but some forget to look at other major benefits of social media beyond finding...

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Facebook Timeline for Businesses

In light of a lot of rumours and speculations, Facebook decided to roll out its Timeline for Brand pages in conjunction with it’s Facebook Marketing Conference. If you admin of a brand page you probably noticed the message on top of your page allowing you to preview...

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Device Singularity

When I first came across the Motorola Atrix in January last year I was blown away by the concept, here is a device that merges the world of mobile computing with the convenience of a desktop PC. For those of you not aware of what this device offers read up and be...

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2012: +1 or Like?

Google+ is hardly new, but when compared to Facebook it is still very wet behind the ears. Google’s new social media platform amazed everyone at their mind blowing joining rates when they launched last year, and especially in December. But many futurists have...

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Beyond The Desktop

This week we look at Mobile Development as part of our six part blog series on the Wonderful World of Web Design. Mobile technology has evolved into your best friend and serves as the golden key to getting you connected to your customer in the online world.  It is...

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