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Google Ads: Do They Really Work?

  Google Ads: Do They Really Work?   If you are interested in any form of marketing for your business, by now you will have heard the terms "Google Ads" or "Google AdWords". But, if you have not, the simple way to explain Google Ads is that it is an online...

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Top Free South African Business Directories

What Are Local Online Business Directories?   These are online directories which you can use much the same as the Yellow Pages - except you are online.  Each of these business directories have hundreds and thousands of businesses listed for your perusal and...

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WooCommerce 3.6 Released!

WooCommerce 3.6 was released in April! Two key features have been included, namely: Performance Improvements WooCommerce Product Blocks These will make your store load faster and provide a more engaging experience for your customers. Performance Improvements...

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How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

Ensuring you keep up to date with technology and trends can be daunting.  This is not a simple undertaking and certainly not something you need to do on a month to month basis.  However, if you don't give your website enough love, it will become old, stale and...

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