DIGITAL MARKETING in Cape Town, South Africa

Dynamic Digital Marketing For Actionable Results

Here at NetMechanic, we believe that digital marketing is not about the products or services that you sell, but rather the stories that you tell.

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Your digital marketing adventure starts with your website, and branches out from here.

Our holistic approach (again, no peace circles here – the only smoke in our office is from the braai) includes not only building your website but using this to feed all marketing and social channels.

We consider our clients to be part of our NetMechanic family. And this is why we will work closely with you to craft the perfect digital marketing strategy. We will identify your challenges and pain points in order to align your marketing goals with your business objectives.

Our tactics are innovative and are custom-created with the goal of growing your business using online marketing strategies. We will look at how your brand can tell a story, before delving into how to sell your products and services.

Why is storytelling so important to digital marketing, we hear you ask? Because today’s audience prefers stories to the “hard sell” of yesteryear’s marketing. And this is where NetMechanic’s team of digital marketing superstars comes into play.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website has been built and it’s out there, on the world wide web. But, how do you attract an audience and encourage users to visit your website?

SEO (or search engine optimisation to those not in the know) is the process of increasing both quality and quantity of traffic to your website using content marketing, paid online advertising, and data and analytics. These are combined to improve your online presence.

Google Ads

Converting leads to sales has never been easier with our Google Ads PPC campaigns. You can target the right audience at the right time for more conversions, rather than spending hours working away with an outdated marketing strategy.

Google Ads allows us to display advertisements for clients that attract the right customers and bring in more website traffic. And combined with our SEO sorcery, you will see conversions happening at a faster rate.

Email Marketing

Email offers that extra personal touch that some other platforms simply do not. Our team offers diverse email marketing and automation services to transform your efforts.

Email marketing helps to improve your online presence, as well as bost brand loyalty. The public demands the personal touch from brands, which is where our professional campaign designs, implementation, and reporting can help to make your audience the hero of the story.

Social Media Management

Having a conversation with your audience has never been easier than it is now. This is all thanks to social media management. But, social media can be difficult to fathom for some.

The NetMechanic team focuses on clearing the clutter of your social media difficulties. We will build you a social media profile on the networks that suit your business, create quality content for these profiles, and manage them. Your social presence will soon soar.

Content Marketing

Reaching your audience involves creating and curating relevant and valuable content. In order to do so, you need strategic content marketing in place.

Our creative team will work their magic to create a content marketing strategy that will suit your needs. We have a talented copywriter and skilled graphic designers who will collaborate with you in order to create content that resonates with your audience, improves your online presence, and generates valuable and actionable leads.

Mail to Mail Marketing

At NetMechanic, we are all about email – yes, that “outdated” method of communication. Why? Because email still outperforms any other form of marketing, meaning that it can help you reach your audience on a more personalised level.

We will create an on-brand, personalised email signature that includes your brand, a personal profile photograph, social media links, and much more. Having a personal email signature will not only help you to stand out among the crowd, but will also ensure that you gain more trust and awareness form your clients and audience.