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New Standard In Website Design And Development


Education is something we are passionate about (along with those braais and series binges we enjoy so much). Because of this, NetMechanic specialises in education website development.  

Since 2008, we have designed and developed numerous education websites. Our team of wow-worthy website designers pride themselves on developing functional and responsive (not to mention awesome to look at) websites that help to guide user-journeys and provide a streamlined user experience. 

An educational website is aimed at a specific audience, that of potential students and staff members. This is why we take a different approach to these websites. The design, layout, and development of the site will engage your audience and encourage brand interaction from users.

By performing research, we are able to identify your target market and craft a website full of relevant and valuable content. All education websites developed by NetMechanic reflect the values, vision, and mission of the institutions they are built for. 

Advancing Technology Calls For Better Websites

Online technology is advancing at lighting-speed, and the students of today are becoming more tech-savvy than ever before. Educational institutions need websites in order to keep up with this demand. 

If students cannot find you online, they won’t try to find you in the “real world”. A website is an integral part of the success of any educational institution, and our team can provide you with a professionally designed, responsive website to build your online presence.

Our Education Website Design Process


We stick to our beliefs. And this is why we educate ourselves (pun?! Where?!) about your educational institution before any website development takes place. From here, we will build a sitemap based on the information you have provided and our own research.


A website with nothing on it is…well..pretty useless! During the content phase, we will populate your website with content to make it stand out above the crowd. We have a creative copywriter and genius graphic designer on hand to give your site that little touch of magic.

Website Design

After discovering all we can about your institution, we move onto the part that makes our designers tick. We will design wireframes to map out the functionality of the website and to outline its structure and flow. Once this is approved, our website designers will design the website pages using your branding, colours, and vision. Next step? Development, of course!


Once your designs are signed off (there should be no delay here – we’re awesome) we will move on to building your website. Every education website developed by NetMechanic is built into a responsive framework, which means it will work on any device.

 Delivery & Website Launch

In the education sphere, end results need to be perfect. Once your website has been built, our team will perform a final quality control check to ensure it runs smoothly and looks fantastic. After this final check, your website will go live – just like that!