In today’s digital world, everyone has a website, and this includes schools and other educational institutions. If you do not have a website or a social footprint, it is likely that potential students and parents will not be able to find you and, subsequently, will not apply to attend your school. However, it is not ideal to simply “have a website”, it needs to meet modern standards as well as be a useful tool for school inbound marketing. 

When you are looking at a school website design for your institution, there are numerous options to choose from. But, there is a new voice speaking out among the crowd of school website design companies, and that voice belongs to Edumedia Digital. Edumedia is a new education-focused digital agency that offers inbound marketing solutions to schools, independent schools and higher education institutions. 


What Does Edumedia Do?


Edumedia is a Cape Town-based education-focused digital agency that offers tailored, education-based inbound marketing and school website design packages. Their team is passionate about education, and specialise in creating optimised websites for early childhood development institutions, primary schools, secondary schools, as well as universities and colleges. 

Their school website design process starts with their team getting to know their clients and fully understanding the mission, vision, and values of a school. Without this knowledge, a school website will not reflect what the institution stands for, which is what many potential students and parents look for in a school. 

Part of their process is to work collaboratively with clients, allowing the school to provide useful feedback on the design and copy of the website. The Edumedia inbound marketing strategies are then tailored around this information, helping the institution to improve their online presence and even reach page one of many search results. 

What sets Edumedia apart from the crowd is that their team makes use of content management systems that are easy to customise according to the needs of the school, rather than simply using a drag-and-drop form of creating a school website design. The CMS is easy-to-use for both the Edumedia team and for their clients, allowing clients ot quickly and easily upload and manage their own content. 


What Services Does Edumedia Offer?


Not only does Edumedia offer high-quality school website design services, but their team also has expertise in creating eye-catching and lead generating newsletters and attractive prospectus designs. A newsletter is a highly effective method of communicating with current students and keeping them updated on what is happening during the school year. It can also be an impressive lead generating tool for potential students, allowing schools to showcase their achievements and offerings. 

Another unique service that Edumedia offers is its professional prospectus design. A school prospectus allows schools to highlight their values, vision, mission, and potential to new students. Students and parents are hungry for information about the schools they are interested in, and a prospectus can help to feed this hunger. 

Interacting with students, parents, and potential students is vital for the success of any school, and Edumedia helps schools to achieve this with their digital and printed communications offerings. 


Who Has Edumedia Worked With?


Edumedia’s team has years of experience under their belt, and they have worked with some exciting and unique clients. Their portfolio includes clients such as The Settler’s High School, Short Courses At Stellenbosch University, Innovus, African Biomedical Engineering Mobility, Research Alliance For Disasters And Risk Reduction, PeriPeri U, Cardio-Metabolic Research Group, Admaths and AdMaths Retail. 

For The Settler’s High School, the Edumedia team created a customised school website design that is in-line with modern trends and has an easy-to-use backend for the school to add, edit, and manage their own content. 

Short Courses At Stellenbosch University needed a modern website rebuild and redesign, and Edumedia was the right team for the choice. Their team rebuilt the website with a fresh design and used search engine optimisation techniques to help improve online visibility. 

When AdMaths Retail approached Edumedia in need of an updated website, their team jumped at the chance to build this exciting project. They redesigned the website to include AdMath Retail’s brand colours and ethos, helping them to establish a more professional online presence.


Super School Website Design


With Edumedia’s expertise and passion for education-focused websites, choosing them as your school website design company is a no-brainer. They are able to gain a full understanding of their clients and will create a stunning website to match these needs. 

If your school needs a vibrant, modern, and professional website, contact Edumedia today to start the website design and development process.