The internet is full of awful websites, and this is not only relating to design. There are many other elements of website design that are part of making your website user-friendly and inspiring people to do business with you. You can speak to your website design company about these various important elements. 

Not only should your website reflect your branding accurately, but it should also operate smoothly and quickly. These are some of the most important aspects of a successful website, but they are not the only ones you need to pay attention to. 

If you are interested in making use of a website design company, you will need to ensure that your website has the following features in order to be a success. 


Clearly Describe Who You Are


When someone stumbles across your website, they should not have to spend time doing detective work in order to ascertain who you are and what you do. You will need to clearly state who you are and what you do. Your home page should clearly summarise your products, services, and other important information in simple and clear terms. 

Your description should tell users exactly who you are in at least 30 seconds to one minute – anything more than this will leave users feeling uninterested and often confused. If you have an About Us page, you can use this for a longer and more in-depth description, but be sure to use clear wording and terminology that will not confuse readers. Of course, the language you use is dependent on your industry. 


Invest In A Private Domain Name


Whether you are using a free WordPress site or are using a professional website design company, it is important to invest in a private domain name. A domain name is the address where Internet users are able to access your website online. The name you choose should be relevant to your company, but it is always better to use your company name as the domain name. 

Having a private and personalised domain name will make you appear trustworthy not only to users but to search engines too. You will improve your online presence and will show possible customers that you take your business seriously. If the name is memorable, people will be able to find you easily and will be more likely to choose your brand over others. 


Keep It Simple


The layout of your website can affect how you are ranked according to search engines. It will also convince visitors to stay on your site for longer than three seconds. While it is important to stand out, this should never be done in favour of simplicity and modernity. A clean and simple layout is easy on the eye and also ensures that your information can be found easily. 

Your navigation menu should be obvious and intuitive instead of elaborate and decorative. Another effective way to keep your website design simple is to group elements in a grid in an order that makes sense. This will allow for clean lines, white space, and ease-of-use. Using complementary colours can help elements stand out, such as using an orange “Contact Us” button on a blue page. Be sure that the colours are not too bright or overpowering on the eye. 


Contact Information Up Front And Centre


Your contact information is one of the most important parts of your website. After all, you would not want your customers going to your competition simply because they could not find your contact details. Website visitors today do not want to spend precious minutes clicking through every page of your website to find your phone number or email address. 

One of the best areas to place your contact information is at the top left or right-hand corner of your website. This way, both desktop and mobile browsers can easily find and click on your details. Another effective way of driving more leads is to place your contact information in the footer of every page, making it easy for users to find. Aside from including your phone number and email address, you should also make use of a contact form to gather customer information. 


Call Them To Action, Obviously


Calls-to-action or CTAs are an important design and content element of any website. Users need to know what action to take on a page or what is expected of them on a certain page. Telling online visitors what you want them to do is important and highly effective at driving leads and even conversions. 

Think about it from a user’s point of view: you have landed on a page selling hand-roasted coffee (excuse the example – marketers need all the coffee we can get!) but you have no idea where to click to order a bag, or the content is so vague that you are not sure if anything is for sale. A call to action will soon clear up this confusion and allow you to take…well…action. And on your own website, you want your consumers to feel as though they can easily connect with you, order a product, or request a service. 


Wonderful Website Design 


Having all the right elements on a website will ensure that it is successful and helps you to achieve your goals. Having clear descriptions and intuitive design are just some of the ways in which you can make your website stand out from the crowd. 

If you are interested in professional website design services for your business, contact NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.