It is a known fact that humans are emotional beings. We often rely on how we feel before making a purchase or using a service, and this extends to email marketing as well. Often, we will read only those emails that spark an emotion in us and pique our interests, while the rest are sent to the trash. And your audience is likely doing the same in their email inbox. 

When you are creating an email marketing strategy the psychology of your audience should be a focal point. It can mean the difference between excited customers and customers who simply ignore your marketing efforts. Tapping into the psychology of your audience can also improve campaigns and transform consumers into repeat customers. 

Not sure where to start with email marketing psychology? Below we provide some tips for better campaigns. 


Go For The Gut Feeling


Your subject line and email preheader text work together to encourage people to open your email, and you should use words that create excitement, urgency, or even a sense of anxiety. Now, these urgent and anxious feelings are not negative, in fact, they will make consumers more likely to open your email in order to see what is inside. 

Using phrases such as, “Deleting This Email Is Like Deleting R200” for a voucher sent to new clients, or using the psychology behind the word because with, “You Need Our Help Because We Get You,” can be highly effective in harnessing the power of the gut reaction. Be sure not to use negative wording which could cause your consumers to delete your emails without opening them. 


Cash In On Colour


Studies have shown that colours used in email marketing campaigns can account for a significant percentage of the open rates of emails. This is because colours can trigger an emotional response from readers, so you should be sure to choose your email colour scheme based on the emotions you want to elicit from your audience. 

For example, red is known to trigger a feeling of urgency and excitement, which is ideal for sales emails, whereas blue is known for creating a sense of calm and could be useful for calls-to-action for downloading documents. You call-to-action buttons should be complementary to the rest of your email content, especially if more than one colour is being used. 


Invest In Imagery


You might not realise it, but our brains process images over ten times faster than they do text. Including images in your email will encourage people to read the full email and reach the end of it, which means that they will be more likely to click on your call-to-action and complete other actions. 

If you are sending out emails to introduce a new product, using clear and high-resolution images will help consumers to better remember your products and how they can bring value to them. Images that use bright colours and are related to the content of your email are ideal for encouraging consumers to take action, but be sure not to use too many and slow down the reading and opening process. 


Use The Foot-In-The-Door Technique 


An effective way to help boost the success of your email marketing campaign is to use what is known as the “foot-in-the-door” technique. What this involves is asking for consumers to complete a small request before you increase it to a larger one. This small action could be something like watching a video or signing up for an email newsletter. 

After you have asked your consumers for the first, small action, you can ask them to complete a larger one. For example, after signing up for your email newsletter, you could ask consumers to complete a survey on their experiences with your online store. This will provide you with useful feedback and will encourage further interaction with your brand. 


Make It Easy To Act


One of the most effective email marketing psychology tricks to use is to make your call-to-action simple and easy to follow. Do not over complicate the phrasing you use, rather make use pf wording such as “Learn More Now” or “Sign Me Up”. These simple, short phrases make consumers feel a sense of urgency, which leads to the desired action being taken. 

Your call-to-action buttons should be easy to find on the page, using attractive colours that draw the eye down tot hem. Combine this with catchy subject lines, bright imagery, and the foot-in-the-door technique, and you will soon see your email marketing campaigns improve and your conversion rates boosted. If you would like to start an email marketing campaign for your business, speak to NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.