A great website is a powerful combination of quality content, good web design, and SEO efforts. If you’re thinking about creating a website for your business or updating your current website, then you should know that there is a lot more to consider than you think. Good website design consists of different elements that work together to make the perfect website that will give your business the attention it deserves.

Every part of your website should be well thought out if you want to create the best experience for the user. Before diving into the process, it is important that you and your website designer discuss even the most intricate details of your website.



The layout of your website is probably the most important thing about it. The layout should be logical and as convenient as possible for the user. They should be able to find everything they need at a glance.


The theme and colour scheme for your website is centered on personal preference. However, the colours should align with your corporate and brand identity and should reflect the personality of your business.


Graphics are meant to enhance your website design. They need to be placed appropriately so the experience remains user-friendly. Too much graphics may leave your website looking cluttered and can slow it down.


Content is crucial. It is what you use to convey your message to the user in the most interesting way possible. Your website content should always be relevant to the page, fresh and updated at all times.


Your website designer needs to find the easiest way to browse through menus and different pages of your website. A good website allows the user to navigate from one page to the other easily with little to no effort.


Because everything is mobile in this day and age, you need to ensure your website opens properly on all different machines. Mobile compatibility is essential.


The visual features of a website are important but making sure your website is visible on search engines is paramount. Optimizing your images and content increases the chance of improving prominence in search results. Google rewards websites that are user-friendly, fast have fresh and relevant content, and contain SEO keywords.


NetMechanic offers a website design service that puts all these factors at the forefront of the design and development process. Ensuring that your business receives the attention it deserves through an excellent and interactive website is our main priority. Build the business website of your dreams with us.