4 Content Distribution Strategies for 2018

On WordPress alone, over 85 million blog posts are published every single month…Wow, that’s a lot!

We all want our business to be on the first page of Google using targeted keywords…but how are we going to do that if so many blogs are being published every month?

You need a content distribution strategy

Do more with the content you create. Don’t go and write pages and pages of content just for the sake of creating content. Rather promote your content through a variety of channels to gain exposure – Paid Media, Social Communities, Formus, Social Media etc.  Instead of spending so much time and energy on creating the perfect blog, you need to spend more time on how you are going to get more your blog seen by a larger potential audience.

Turn your blog post into an E-book

With a tool like Designerr you can take your blog post and turn it into a E-book ready to distribute. Make sure your landing page of your e-book has all the relevant keywords you want to rank for and write content that pertains to the contents of the e-book.  Including social media share links is a must which helps your visitors to share your e-book even further.


Turn your blog post into a video

Using tools like Biteable (Free and Paid) Lumen5 (Free and Paid) or Content Samurai (Free Trial and Paid) you can copy and paste your blog post content into the tool, add some imagery, music, videos and more.   Boom – you’ll have a video in no time at all which you can optimize and upload to your YouTube channel.

The competition for video spots on Google may even be lower than the organic listings – this can really be a great way to grab a spot on page one when an organic listing is out of reach.

blog video

Use Infographics – share, share, share!

Create an easy to share infographic that showcases the most important points of the posts in the most attractive and appealing way by creating a long form blog post (about 1500 words). Using Canva and Vennage as high quality infographic tools, are both easy to use and won’t break your bank to sign up.

Ensure you include your social media links and share, share, share!  Remember that optimizing the image well will also give you a chance at raking in image search results for your targeted keywords.


Email – A force to be reckoned with…

Believe it or no Email is still one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged to distribute information to potential clients.

This should be a no brainer.

Make sure you include an email signature in your emails you distribute and make sure your subject line is eye catching and entices your potential audience to actually read the email.

Include a link to your E-book or video and make sure you ask your database to share your email or post.