In the current age of digital marketing small to medium sized companies can compete with large companies for the attention of consumers online.

With an effective strategy your company can make the same impact your larger competitors do, and even surpass them with more targeted campaigns.

Here are some steps to making the most of your online marketing online:
  • The Importance of Google – with approximately 80% of all searches being done via Google, it is critical to primarily focus SEO effort on this search engine.
  • Keyword Selection – Pick keywords that are relevant to your business but also fairly easy to rank for. Look for multi-word phrases or ‘long-tail keywords’ as they are usually less competitive, remember to think like a consumer.
  • Content is King – People will be more likely to buy from you if you are an authority in your field. Give users compelling and informative information.
  • Generosity is Also King – Value-added services go a long way in the eye of consumers. People always appreciate getting something extra.
  • Calls-to-Action – Make sure you offer users a way of interacting with you, and try and make it as easy as possible.
  • Social Media – Focus on the top three platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but keep an eye on the new platforms that come along.
  • Landing Pages – This is the first page people see, don’t bombard them with too much or you might scare them off. Having one offer, explaining the benefits and a short form are all key.
  • Lead Nurturing – follow up calls to action with a ‘thank you’ email, making first contact as soon as possible can be a very important step in securing a client.
  • Patience – Effective online campaigns can sometimes take time to deliver results, don’t be disheartened if nothing happens in the beginning.

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