With recent global events unfolding rapidly and changes in the economy happening almost every day, you might find that your digital marketing strategy needs to do a swift about turn in order to protect and maintain your business. But, for those who are new to the world of marketing strategy and SEO (search engine optimisation), this might be difficult to achieve. 

When you are creating an SEO strategy be sure to consider the current events in the world. This will help you to future-proof your brand from losing its ranking and online visibility, and can help you to create content that consumers need and want, helping to maintain your relevancy even in the most uncertain of times. 

Not sure where to start? Below we give some helpful insights into how you can future-proof your brand using SEO. 


Don’t Be Afraid To Not Address The Situation

In terms of what is happening in the world at the moment (the Covid-19 pandemic) creating specific and relevant content based on the situation and which addresses it can improve your SEO and customer engagement. However, in order to remain relevant after the difficult period is over, you should also create content that is more general. 

You can still write blog pieces which give tips and tricks about your products and services, as consumers will still want to read content about this. You will need to be sure that your messaging is clear and does not come across as capitalising on the situation. Keep your content consistent with what you were posting before in order to maintain your SEO strategy. 


Boost On-Page SEO

Improving the on-page SEO of your website will help immensely in future-proofing your brand. Updating your keywords, meta-descriptions, and titles, as well as optimising all images will help to boost the speed of your website as well as the crawlability for the search engines. You can run a site audit to see where the problems are for your website so that you can easily fix these. 

Some of the on-page SEO issues you should fix include focusing on search intent when choosing keywords, placing keywords in the page titles, meta- and product descriptions, the headings of content, the content itself, in image alt-texts, and in the URL of the pages, and optimising images. This will ensure your site maintains its ranking during and after this uncertain period. 


Grow Your Roots Now

Some companies have, sadly, had to close their doors while others have halted all SEO strategies in order to cut costs. However, SEO is highly cost-effective and you can use this time to grow your roots and make use of low-cost platforms for SEO. Relying on paid advertising might not be the right fit for your business, so to future-proof it, focus on creating content that costs nothing to post. 

For example, you could write a blog post for your website and share this across social media, using keywords from the post so it appears in search results on the platform. You can also post onto sites which accept guest writers to gain backlinks and further traffic. Growing the roots of your SEO strategy now will lead to a future-proofed and established brand ranking. 


Go For Guest Posting

Backlinking is an effective SEO strategy that can help to future-proof your brand, and this can be done through creating guest posts for other websites. While you do not have to focus on Covid-19 related topics, the topics of your posts should be relevant to the site itself and to your industry. 

Be sure to look for high-quality website to guest post on so that the links created are not spammy and can improve your authority in the eyes of search engines. The posts should be of a high quality, too, and the content should not be thin or filled with links to irrelevant sources. Guest posting can be a lucrative way to improve your SEO strategy and future-proof your brand when traffic drops or algorithms change. 


Always be Auditing

One of the most effective ways to future-proof your brand and your website’s SEO is to perform an audit at least once every month. This will help you to spot any issues that might occur, especially if you notice a dramatic drop in your traffic or ranking that seems suspicious. You can quickly discover any negative SEO practices by looking at any links that point to your website through a site audit. 

Once you find all the issues using this site audit, you can address them and make necessary changes to your website. Remember, not every piece of content that you produce needs to focus on the current events of the year, that on-page SEO should be a priority, and that maintaining your SEO even during a crisis is vital. If you would like to future-proof your brand with SEO, contact NetMechanic to find out what we can do for you