Spirits are flying high at the NetMechanic offices today after being awarded a Gold Award from SA WebAwards.  It was also brought to our attention that this is the first Gold Award given out since September 2009, which makes it pretty special.

There is a different kind of satisfaction in getting acknowledgement for one’s hard work, sweat and tears.  The NetMechanic team called on the help of our own CMS system, NetToolbox, to revamp our main website.  The website focuses on eye-catching visuals, ease of use and navigation and simple search functionalities.

When we started on the redesign, we tried to focus on a few key goals:
  • Make it more user friendly and easy to navigate
  • Improve search rankings through following clear SEO principles
  • Clearly display all services and encourage interaction
  • Move with the times, make it modern and visually pleasing
  • Informative content that conveys the message without being too bulky
  • Display our capabilities through our own site
Some other services included in this design were:
  • Our own content management system – NetToolbox
  • A bunch of freebies
  • A project planner to kick start your website
  • Social media links and feeds
  • Banner area for promotions
  • Testimonials on profiled clients
  • Customized templates with mobile capabilities in which the site can be viewed on tablets as well as mobile devices
  • Full blog functionalities

SA Web Awards was launched in with the aim of recognizing South Africa’s top web design talent.

David Whitehead of SA Web Awards added that “the last Gold winner we had was in September 2009. Since then we have reviewed nearly 1,200 websites, and roughly 66% of those failed to win any SA Web Award. About 32% win Bronze SA Web Awards, and we usually have 1 or 2 Silver winners each month.  But a Gold SA Web Award is something we don’t often see!”

The new site was launched mid October this year and results have been outstanding.  NetMechanic applies the same design and development principles to every project we take on and aim to deliver award winning websites to each client.

Contact us for a free quote or just a plain “well done” on the site!