Google Ads: Do They Really Work?


If you are interested in any form of marketing for your business, by now you will have heard the terms “Google Ads” or “Google AdWords”. But, if you have not, the simple way to explain Google Ads is that it is an online advertising platform developed by Google where advertisers pay to display advertisements, service offerings, videos, and even mobile application downloads. 

These sponsored ads are made obvious with a green “Ad” label, showing users that they are advertisements. Now, you might be thinking that if consumers see that an advertisement is sponsored or paid for, they will be less likely to click on it. However, this is not the case, and any digital marketing agency worth their caffeine addiction will tell you that Google Ads really do work. 


Ads at the top of Google

When consumers perform searches for something they want to buy, they usually scan the top of the page downwards and will click on the results that are most relevant to what they need. This is because most, if not all, of consumers, believe that results near the top of the page are the best. 

This means that consumers are highly likely to click on a result at the top of Google because it is the most applicable to their search. And they will not likely distinguish between sponsored advertisements and organic search results. This is not a malicious practice on Google’s behalf, the search engine is simply trying to show users the most relevant and valuable results. This means that if you pay for an advertisement, it will show at the top of the results. 


Quick and easy results

If your digital marketing agency is using Google Ads, then you will already know that the results are quick to the pint of being almost instantaneous. Once your campaign has been approved, you will start seeing results within minutes. The process itself is also relatively simple, as all you will need to do is enter your keywords and your maximum bid. 

Combining Google Ads with search engine optimisation (SEO) will help to improve your results, especially if there has been intelligent keyword research performed. You are also able to adjust your costs quickly and effectively based on your budget for the month or year. These fast results are one of the major advantages of Google Ads, but you will need to monitor the campaigns as you would with any other SEO campaign. 


More control over SERP results

The organic results search engine results pages (SERPs) are listed according to complex algorithms and factors such as content quality, understanding of user intent, mobile-friendliness, and a safe URL (https). What this means is that you have very little control over where on the SERPs your website or advertisements will appear. 

By using Google Ads, you will have more direct control over where your advertisements appear in search results. This will lead to more traffic to your website or to the campaign landing page, because your advertisement will be showing at the top of the page where more eyes will see it. The higher level of control allows you to better reach your audience and see a higher ROI. 


All about the Analytics

If you are working with a digital marketing agency in Cape Town they are likely using analytics for many of your campaigns. And one of the major perks of allowing them to use Google Ads for your business is that it has impressive analytics available to users. These analytics cover aspects such as the average cost per click, advertisement position, as well as conversion rates. 

These analytics will tell you where best to spend your money, such as if you have a high converting keyword that you could focus on. You can also use this data to create a new campaign with new keywords that have a high con

version which you weren’t initially targeting. You will also be able to see which advertisements are performing well and which could be improved on.

Beat out the competition

If, by now, you are not convinced about how impressive Google Ads are, then this point should convince you: you will have a leg up on the competition. Whether your competitors are spending money on an expensive SEO campaign or are investing in pay per click (PPC), you will need to stay one step ahead, which is what Google Ads allows you to do. 

You can outbid your competitors on keywords, which will allow you to be placed above the organic search results and outrank your competition. Due to how quick and efficient Google Ads are, the results will soon pay for themselves. 

If you are interested in seeing how well Google Ads can work for your business, contact NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.