If you are not currently making use of Google Apps you are definitely missing out on something amazing and convenient.

What are Google Apps

Google Apps can be seen as an online office suite. Google Apps is a set of web applications provided by Google to make your life easier. It provides you with a space to have an all-in-one online toolkit for your business.

6 Tools Google Apps can offer you …


 1. Google Plus

Google plus allows for your business to get found on Google. This means that your business will appear on the search network and google maps. Still not sure what this means?

If you have ever seen the above when searching for a place you can be assured they are using Google plus to help their clients find and contact them easier.


     2. Gmail

Set up your own email account with Gmail. Your company can set up their own email accounts with their business name. Also get 30 GB of storage and integration with Calendar.


     3. Calendar

Calendar is an app where Google allows you to keep track of your schedule. Calendar allows you to set up meetings and keep track of these meetings. Calendar will also send you a reminder of the meetings and times thereof. As a business, this is useful as it integrates with your Gmail account.


     4. Hangouts

Hangouts lets you collaborate with the people in your office as well as those in another country. Hangouts allow you to have online meetings and high-quality video calls. You can also opt for traditional messaging.


     5. Drive

Google Drive allows you to store your document and photos online. This allows you easy access to your documents wherever you are. Drive also allows for you to share and collaborate on a document with co-workers.


     6. Google sheets & Google Docs

Google allows you to create documents (Google docs) and excel spreadsheets (Google sheets) which you can access at any time on your Google drive. You can share these docs with co-workers who are able to make changes or comments on these documents.