It is the dawn of a new decade, and with this comes a variety of new graphic design trends to watch, especially when it comes to digital marketing strategies. We will certainly see a shift in mindset in graphic design, as some move away from the usual bright colours that many marketing companies prefer, and move on to a more harmonious colour palette and outlook. 

When you are investing in graphic design for your business, you should stay on top of the latest trends. Not only will this ensure that your graphics are always on point, but you will remain relevant for your audience. However, it can be confusing as to which trends you should make use of, so below we take a look at some of the grooviest graphic design trends to watch for 2020. 


More Muted Colour Palettes


One major trend we will see in 2020 in graphic design is the use of a more muted colour palette. While bright colours will still be used from some brands, more and more graphic design companies are opting to use muted colours. These are used for product packaging, banners for social media, and even for website design. Muted colour palettes are often seen as being more trustworthy by consumers, and so it can be used effectively for any brand, business and industry. 


Souped-Up Street Art Style


While muted colour palettes become popular, so does their opposite, that of the brightly-coloured and retro-inspired street art style of graphic design. Street art style conjures up images of the 1970s and 1980s, the punk and neon ages respectively, and this style has become popular with disruptive and unique brands. This trend might not apply to every business but it can be used for promotions, social media, and even for printed advertisements. 


All About Abstract Design


Simple illustrations might be useful for some business aspects, but abstract design is becoming the flavour of the year. You can use these illustrations to illustrate new products, as part of your social media marketing campaign, or even as featured images for your blog posts. Abstract illustrations are a burgeoning graphic design trend and can be used by any industry, and for small businesses they can help to improve your brand awareness and visibility. 


Hearty Hand Lettering


Font psychology is an important component in any graphic design strategy, and in 2020 one graphic design trend we could see hand lettering becoming more popular with both designers and brands. Hand lettering lends a feeling of “humanness” to  a brand, as though the designer themselves sat down and drew the letters themselves. And with consumers today expecting to see a more human side to brands, hand lettering can help to achieve this without the brand needing a massive redesign. Hand lettering for packaging has become a firm trend in 2020, too. 


Minimalist Landing Pages


Having a landing page is important for driving leads, and graphic design trends have even extended to these. You will see that more businesses and brands are using minimalist designs for their landing pages, not only in order to achieve a faster loading time, but to improve the user experience. Minimalism has long been a graphic design trend, but in 2020 we could see it filtering through to website design, too. 


Amped-Up Animations


Animations are more eye-catching than normal gifs, and can be used to engage with and even educate your audience. Because gifs have been overused by some brands, they have become common-place but animations are exciting and can be completely personalised. Graphic design trends will see animations become more prevalent, with some moving into the abstract design and more branded animations being adopted. 


Stay On Trend


You might not think about graphic design trends as being as important as website or marketing trends, but without good graphic design, your campaigns might fall flat. Look into using muted colours instead of loud ones for packaging or posters, incorporate street art into your printed marketing, or even use hand-lettering on your website for product descriptions. 

If you would like graphic design that enhances your brands and that is on-trend, speak to NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.