At the end of June, Google Chrome cemented its dominance over Internet Explorer (IE) to become most popular web browser worldwide by an even bigger margin than in May. After months of head to head battling, Google Chrome has firmly become the number one web browsers in the world.

In June Google Chrome’s market share rose to 41.7%, at the same time Internet Explorer’s share of the market dropped to 16.7%, and according to the data collected by w3schools, Mozilla Firefox also has significant lead over IE sitting at 34.4 % of the web browser market.

So why has IE dropped so badly? In January 2002 Microsoft had an 85.8 % share of the market, and that figure has just dropped month on month. Some people claim it is down to Microsoft’s lack of innovation, others have been put off with the company corporate image. While another school of thoughts rests on the designers and developers. Internet Explorer is very well known to be a pain when it comes to compatibility. Design elements that work wonderfully in Chrome, Firefox and Safari don’t work or display the same in IE. This has caused many people to just shy away from IE completely.

Microsoft have been trying to address these issues and have been spending a lot of time on the latest version, IE 10, which should be the standard web browser in the upcoming Windows 8. Can IE become the dominant force it once was? Probably not, mainly due to the competition restrictions enforced on large corporations, and partly because the market has become very spread out. They can however still take a bigger chunk of the market than they have now, and I expect them to rise in their presence when Windows 8 and all its accompanying devices arrive.

So watch this space.

All statistics were gather from w3schools.