94% of buyers research a company online before making a purchase decision.
It doesn’t matter what you are selling, or who your target market is.
What matters is the first impression they get when they go online and see your website.


Here are some Key Characteristics for an Effective Website


How easy is your website to find?

Your website should be easily located, both by Google and your users. Each and every page should have meta tags and relevant titles that clearly communicate page themes. 

How user friendly is your website?

Bringing together both visual and technical elements to create the ultimate web experience:

  • Your website design should engage, inform and inspire user action, making a strong connection with your brand
  • Your content needs to be original and useful, keeping your audiences engaged throughout their experience.
  • Your website should be visually appealing and the code behind it should be well navigated and fit within the buyers journey.

Growth is Good

Building a website isn’t a one time thing. You need to ensure every aspect of your website – from your CMS to your marketing strategy is scalable.

Maintaining your Website

Depending on the type of website you have, you need to ensure that it is secure and and you have back-ups done for your website, sometimes on a weekly basis.

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