If your business is online (and in 2020, whose isn’t) then you are likely using a content marketing strategy to improve your online visibility and audience engagement. It can be difficult to stand out from the ocean of content that is available online today, but you can create a unique content marketing strategy if you invest in interesting techniques such as interactive content. 

When you are creating a content marketing strategy it is important to investigate different forms of content. Videos, live streams, online quizzes, and shoppable posts are just some of the types of interactive content you can use to engage with your audience. If you are not sure where to start, or how interactivity can improve your content marketing, below we provide some valuable advice. 


What Is Interactive Content?


Before we look at how interactivity can improve content marketing, you are likely wondering what, exactly, it is. Interactive content is not a new concept, and can be seen in drop-down menus and buttons on websites and forms. However, as the years have progressed, so has content and now live streaming video, Instagram polls, and online quizzes are the more popular forms of interactive content. 

Your audience is no longer a “passive observer” but is engaged and interested, wanting to learn more about your brand and interact with your content. Consumers enjoy being able to “play” with their content while also learning about a business, and you will also be able to learn more about your consumers. 

Interactive content encourages audience engagement because it is memorable and easy for consumers to digest. Below we look at how including interactivity in your content marketing strategy can improve it. 

Improve Audience Engagement


One of the major benefits of using interactive content is that it can help to improve audience engagement. This is because your audience will play a more active role when consuming your content, rather than simply passively reading it or watching it. You are able to build much richer customer profiles from gathering the data from this content too. 

Interactive content can also help to increase the time that consumers spend on your website, especially if you have a video or two on some of your pages. An increased “dwell time” on your website can help to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts, making your website more visible online and helping to bring in repeat website visitors. 


Boost Brand Exposure


In today’s competitive world, you need to think out-of-the-box when it comes to building brand awareness and exposure. This is where an interactive content marketing strategy can come in handy. When your audience interacts with your content, they are more likely to share it which can lead to better brand exposure. 

Once more people begin to notice your brand, you will find that your credibility and trustworthiness increases too. You can increase your exposure by creating polls for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Using your branding in these polls or keywords that are commonly used when searching for your services or products will help to increase brand exposure and your SEO rankings. 


Love That Lead Generation


Lead generation is another benefit of using interactivity in your content marketing strategy. For example, you can create a Google Form for lead generation, which can easily be customised with fun and interesting questions for your audience, which will allow you to collect information for email marketing campaigns. 

Using platforms such as Instagram, you can use their “Ask Me A Question” tool on a brand story about your brand or you can ask people to use a rating slider for a new product. This will help you to gather information from your audience without being intrusive. Personalising these lead generation techniques will also encourage more engagement from your audience.


Educate Your Audience


Interactive content can be used to educate your audience about your brand, products, or services. Providing educational content that is also engaging will help to liven up information that could be seen as dull or unimportant by consumers. For example, if you work in cloud computing, a clickable infographic explaining your industry can help possible clients understand your work. 

Educating your audience does not have to be boring or tedious. And, infographics and educational content are often seen as “evergreen”, meaning it will always remain relevant and will rank highly on Google search results. Be sure to make the content easy-to-use for your audience to encourage their interaction. 

If you would like a new, fresh content marketing strategy for your brand, feel free to speak to Netmechanic today to find out how we can help you.