While the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are far reaching, it is nearly impossible to tell how it will affect us in our daily lives. We have seen some immediate trends, such as bulk and panic buying in stores, but these have only been short-term trends and have fizzled out almost entirely. However, Generation Z and Millennials have been affected and have changed their behaviour as consumers. 

When you are creating a digital marketing strategy it is vital to look at consumer trends. And during this difficult time, the behaviours of the younger generations are shifting towards a “new normal” which you need to take into account. These generations have arguably most of the buying power in the market today, so below we look at how Covid-19 is affecting them and what this could mean for your brand. 


New Hobbies Are Being Adopted

One trend we are seeing emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic is that both Generation Z and Millennials are adopting new hobbies, thanks in part to being restricted to their residences unless they need essential items.  A vast percentage of Generation Z has taken to home exercise, with many taking online classes in their spare time. 

For Millennials, a large percent of people are playing video games, while home exercise is also widely popular. Your digital marketing strategy should tap into this shift towards video content by creating videos for your website and social media platforms. Live streaming can be effective here, especially if you create and curate how-to videos for products and services. 


Brand Switching Is Taking Place

Both Millennials and Generation Z consumers are acutely aware of their effect on the environment, and with the Covid-19 pandemic, their focus on brands that support this view has become honed. Many consumers in these younger generations report that they are switching brands due to availability, while others are basing these changes on how the brand is dealing with Covid-19 and subsequently the environment. 

If you want to retain your consumers, especially Generation Z and Millennial consumers, you should implement a digital marketing strategy that highlights the sustainability of your brand, how you are dealing with the effect of the current crisis, as well as showcasing your online store. Online shopping is also increasing a shift in brand choices, so be sure to have an oe-commerce website at the ready for this change. 


Technology Is The Great Connector

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, both Generation Z and Millennials saw technology as their way of connecting with the world, but now more than ever, it is being used to bring friends and families together virtually. Video chats with friends and family are becoming common-place, as well as video calls while working from home. Without an online presence or digital marketing strategy, especially during this period, you will be missing out on this audience. 

Social media has seen an impressive uptick in usage since the start of the Covid-19 and subsequent lockdown periods, so posting more on these platforms can help to maintain your connection with your audience. Videos, infographics, and blogs can help to keep your brand relevant as well as engage your audience. Be sure to keep content positive. 


All About User Generated Content

During this difficult time, it can be highly difficult for brands to create or even curate content that engages consumers. However, Generation Z and Millennials prefer to see content that is authentic, which is why user generated content has seen a significant rise in popularity during this period. 

User generated content is content such as images, videos, text, and audio, that has been posted by users on online platforms and social media. With regard to the Covid-19 pandemic, you could tap into this by asking your audience to post photos of them using your products during the lockdown period, or ask them to create content tagging your brand in it about the products they want to to buy when this difficult period is over. 


Mobile-Forward Makes Sense

Many people consume news and social media on their mobile devices, and the Covid-19 pandemic has seen an increase in mobile device usage from both Generation Z and Millennial consumers. For brands, this means that your website needs to be mobile friendly and responsive, or you might find that your audience is looking elsewhere for content and products. 

Moving towards a mobile-first website is nothing new, but doing so during a time when people are using their mobile devices more and more can improve your digital marketing strategy as well as your SEO rankings. Keeping an eye on the current trends will help to maintain your brand’s relevancy, and the Gen Z and Millennial markets are adopting new trends on a regular basis. 

If you would like to improve your digital marketing strategy before and after this uncertain time, be sure to speak to NetMechanic to find out how we can help you.