Being in a lockdown situation might not sound ideal, and it is not, but it should not deter you from continuing to improve your business and grow your online business. Search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts should continue, especially for small to medium-sized businesses, and SEO can be extremely helpful during this lockdown period. 

You should invest in your search engine optimisation strategy despite being in lockdown, as it can benefit your business in numerous ways. You will be able to remain visible to your audience during this time, your website will remain user-friendly, and you can maintain your trust and credibility during an extremely difficult time. However, you should remember to avoid using an SEO strategy to unnecessarily promote your products and business, rather use it to improve your online presence.

Below we discuss some of the reasons why SEO can benefit your business during lockdown. 


Maintain Website User-Friendliness


During a lockdown period, people will be online almost every day, and they will still be browsing to your business’s website. This means that you need to maintain the user-friendliness of it, such as ensuring the user journey is clean and uncluttered, that relevant content is front and centre, and that everything is optimised. 

During lockdown, having a site that is still optimised and which still appears in search results will benefit your business by preventing it from crashing or having other issues. You will also keep your consumers happy and they will be more likely to continue visiting your website despite experiencing lockdown constraints. 


Organic Search Results Retained


Organic search results and organic traffic are vital parts of any SEO strategy, but this might be lost along the way during the panic of lockdown. However, if you maintain your SEO efforts, you will not lose your organic search results but can retain them and even improve them, especially if your competitors have gone into panic mode. 

Using SEO during a crisis can be done to uphold your search engine results, especially if you focus on the right keywords during this period. Neglecting your SEO might make your business lose its organic traffic, too, which can be difficult to rebuild once this period of lockdown is over. Be sure to maintain your marketing during this time. 


Better Brand Awareness


Brand awareness and organic search results are often linked to one another, and using search engine optimisation can help you to build and maintain both. When you share content that is relevant and valuable, such as helpful tips on how to stay healthy during lockdown, people will take notice of your brand and your awareness will be improved. 

Better brand awareness also helps to instill trust in your customers. If they can still find you online and if you are still providing relevant content during a difficult time, you will find visits to your websites increase and there is more interaction with your content. Investing in local SEO can also help to improve brand awareness in your community. 


Love That Local SEO


Local SEO can be an impressive boon to your business during a lockdown period. Local SEO strategies involve using Google Business Listings to improve your visibility, allowing people to find your business easily and effectively. You can use this listing to show your customers whether or not you are open during this time and when you will be reopening. 

You can also post your content onto your Google Business Listing, with links back to your website, to increase website traffic. Take this time to list your business on local business directories, so that when the lockdown period is over, you can be found easily by customers who are interested in purchasing your products or your services. 


Notice New Opportunities


During the lockdown period, you can use this time to hone your SEO strategy and notice new opportunities in your industry. Performing keyword research might bring to light new products you could provide or a way to continue operating your business, such as offering online classes for a service you provide or allowing people to finalise their purchases from your online store once the lockdown is over. 

You could also create unique, SEO-focused content during this time which provides helpful information about being in lockdown. Making your business a thought-leader during this difficult time by using intelligent content and SEO strategies can help to provide you with new business opportunities. 

If you would like to improve or maintain your SEO during this lockdown period, contact Netmechanic today to find out how we can help you.