Whether you sell cricket equipment, catering supplies, or even organic compost, consumers are turning more and more to e-commerce for their purchases. This presents retailers with an opportunity to build their brand and stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. However, for smaller online retailers, this can be difficult to achieve without the right know-how. 

When you are building an e-commerce website thinking about your brand is important. Now, your brand is more than just your logo, name, and catchy tagline, Your brand is how your consumers see you and speak about your business and its personality. It includes the impression left by the brand after people interact with your e-commerce website and business. 

Below we dive a little deeper into how you can build a memorable e-commerce brand. 


Curate A Clear Vision

For your brand to appeal to consumers, you should have a clear vision to guide it. Your vision is what your brand is working to achieve other than selling products. It is impactful, rather than being monetary and it should be highlighted on your website and in the communication you send to your consumers. 

You can discover your vision by going back to your company origins and history, thinking about why you initially created your product and what you want people to feel during and after they have bought your product. 


Build Your Style

Your e-commerce brand’s style needs to be more than simply “trendy”. Your style should be driven by your vision and values, as well as the message you want to send out to your audience. Because consumers prefer authenticity, your style should feel natural and not forced. 

For example, if you want your brand to be associated with a fun and happy lifestyle, make sure your style comes across in this way. Your images and colours should represent these ideas across the board, from your website to your social media pages. 


Product Quality Matters

One of the major focal points of building an e-commerce brand is the quality of your product. Many of the e-commerce brands that generate a lot of attention and excitement are those that concentrate on the quality of their products

This is either done by manufacturing one product to an extremely high quality or selling only one product that is manufactured well. Consumers become loyal to products they can rely on, and will seek out these products. Rather than focusing on selling several cheaper products, you should concentrate on improving one core range of products. 


Highlight Your Voice

An e-commerce brand’s voice can be tricky to cultivate, but it is equally as important as the style and vision of the business. Your brand voice is how you “sound” to people when you “speak” to them. It is the tone you use on your website, social media, and even in emails and newsletters. Your voice is dependent on your industry and goals. 

Your voice could be funny and playful if you sell products for a younger audience, helpful and supportive if you sell healthcare products, and warm and friendly for a general goods store. Your voice must be consistent across all channels to encourage brand loyalty and maintain the experience customers have with your brand. 


Outline Your Key Benefits

In today’s oversaturated digital world, there are numerous e-commerce brands and stores for consumers to choose from. In order for your e-commerce brand to stand out, you should outline your key benefits for your audience. Your benefits should tie in with your values and should encourage consumers to choose you out of other brands on the market. 

Outlining your benefits can also help to keep you on the right path when it comes to business decisions. Your benefits are what consumers enjoy about your brand, so wavering from these is not likely a good idea. Make sure your benefits come across on all platforms, but be wary of pushing these on social media as your content could come across as a hard sell. 


Share Your Story

Another effective method of building a memorable e-commerce brand is sharing your personal story or journey with your audience. Consumers today appreciate authenticity in the brands they interact with, which can help to boost your visibility and improve customer engagement. 

Your story should be more than just a collection of facts, but should rather explain the greater reason behind why you launched your brand and your products. If you want an e-commerce website that tells your story and makes your brand memorable, speak to NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.