How To Choose A Google Advertising Agency

Recent studies have shown that many small- to medium-sized businesses are wasting up to 25 percent of their Google Ads budget due to mistakes that could easily be avoided. This could be due to these businesses not having the necessary knowledge to implement best practices, or it could be because the agency is not managing and monitoring the accounts correctly. 

If you are looking to choose a Google Certified ad agency, keep in mind important considerations. It can be a difficult task to find the right advertising agency with the right Google certifications, especially considering how many options are available. But, there are some simple hints and tips you can follow to help you find a Google Certified advertising agency that fits your needs. 

How trustworthy is the agency?

One of the most important considerations when choosing a Google advertising agency is to ascertain whether or not you can trust them. If an agency does not give you direct access to your Google Analytics or AdWords accounts or are not willing to provide you access, this should be a red flag. 

One of the fundamental aspects of Google Analytics is mutual cooperation between clients and agencies. If you are not on the same page as one another, then the business relationship might not be as successful as it could be. It also shows that the agency might not be open to constructive feedback, as you cannot see what is being done in these accounts. Look for a professional agency which creates a Google Analytics or AdWords account with the client as an owner. 

How are results reported?

The way in which results are reported is important and can be the deciding factor when you are looking for an advertising agency with Google certifications. Professional agencies with experience in Google will link the Analytics and AdWords accounts, allowing them to report your AdWords data in relation to other data. 

You should also know what the reporting cycle is, such as whether you will be receiving reports weekly, monthly, or quarterly. If the agency is not very clear on how or when you will be receiving the reports, this is another red flag to be aware of. Google Analytics and AdWords provide simple and easy reports which can be downloaded and shared with users, so there should be no issues when it comes to receiving reports from your agency. 

Who is managing your account?

Now, you might not be able to meet everyone in the agency face-to-face, but you should make sure that you meet with the person who will be managing your account. This way, you will be certain that one specific account manager will be handling your business with the agency, instead of your account being outsourced to another subcontractor. 

The downside of your account being outsourced is that the subcontractor might not be as familiar with your industry as someone in the agency, or they could simply be taking on the work to earn money and will not have the same passion about your business as you do. Look for an agency that has dedicated account managers with Google certifications, as this will help to eliminate barriers and slow communication problems. 

Is the agency certified?

Now, this might sound like an obvious consideration, but if an agency does not have a Google certification, then they should not be offering Google Ads or Analytics services. You will need to look out for a Google Partners™ badge on their website which will tell you that they meet the requirements of Google itself to offer its services. 

A Google certified ad agency will have employees who are well-versed in the various Google tools, allowing them to use these tools to your advantage, providing accurate reports and insightful campaign ideas based on the data gathered from these tools. You will also have the peace of mind that your account is being handled by people who understand the tools of the trade. 

What is their experience?

While it is important to know if the agency has had experience in your industry, it is equally as important to find out if they have increased revenue for clients and if they have any positive feedback. This can be easily found out by looking for testimonials or case studies on their site and contacting these clients for their honest experiences with the agency. 

Ask specifically about Google AdWords and Analytics results when speaking to clients, or contact the agency directly and ask about their results. If the agency has any experience with working on large Google Ads accounts that brought in real revenue, they will likely tell you about it as it is a point of pride. 

Final Verdict

Choosing the right Google Ads agency is tricky but it is important if you want to see real change using these tools. Think about how trustworthy the agency is and how you will receive reports. You should also know exactly who will be handling your account and what experience the agency has. 

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