We recently shared with you why Blogs are so important to your business.  But how do you then convert your blog traffic into actual sales?

It’s rare that a first time visitor to your blog will buy your product immediately, but it does happen. Growing an audience isn’t enough.  You will need to take steps to ensure you open the door for sales.

Instead of hoping that the same readers will come back to find your blog, at some point or another it’s imperative to ensure you have an open communication channel. By doing this, you won’t lose your current readers and you will keep them coming back for more.

Here are some ways to build a relationship with your audience and ultimately convert them into new customers.


Call To Action


Converting a first time visitor to your blog probably won’t happen, but the chances you convert a repeat visitor are pretty high.  Make sure you have a strategically placed CTA on your blog enticing the potential prospect to go through to a relevant page to convert them.


Newsletter Signups


Once your readers start reading you will want them coming back for more.  It is also natural that they would want to stay up to date with what you have on offer.  You should encourage them to take action and sign up on your newsletter.  It is important to remember not to bombard people with newsletters and rather keep them up to date with new content just as they expect.




If you are selling a product or service you should consider running regular webinars that focus on providing value to your readers.  Offer them a special discount or ask them to sign up at the end of the webinar to keep the communication open.


Content Upgrades


A content upgrade is a lead magnet specifically designed for readers of a particular blog post.  Think of it as a little teaser for bonus information or something at a discounted rate that you can offer them if they sign up.


Don’t wait for first-time visitors to rediscover your blog. Engage with them and make them want to come back for more educational opportunities. They’ll trust and value your knowledge and eventually, you’ll convert your blog traffic into long-term customers.