Email marketing can be seen as one of the most effective lead generation tools on the market today. It is a personalised, direct method of reaching consumers and can often make or break a digital or content marketing campaign. However, if your email marketing messages are not well-written or are too obviously mass-produced, you may find that your campaigns are not converting as you expected. 

When you are creating an email marketing strategy your messaging should be at the top of your to-do-list. And this messaging should be carefully crafted in order to help boost conversions and encourage consumers to take the actions you are guiding them towards. For those who might not be wizards with words, creating an email marketing message that converts can prove to be a bit tricky. 

In this article, we look at how you can easily craft email marketing messages that convert. 


Soup Up The Subject Line


The very first place to start with your email marketing campaign is with your subject line. Think about it like a consumer would: a boring or generic subject line will likely be ignored or deleted immediately. But, an exciting or intriguing subject line is more likely to be clicked on and opened, especially if the subject line is personalised. 

Consumers are more likely to open emails with subject lines that imply a benefit to them is contained inside, if they are afraid of missing out on a deal, or if the subject line contains their name and a unique hook. For example, if you are sending them a whitepaper to download about your latest case study, you could use the subject line, “John, Can We Teach You Something Today?” This will entice the reader to open the email and find out what the contents are. 


Keep Segments In Mind


Email marketing strategies often involve segmenting your audience according to demographics, interest, participation or activity, and even past purchases. Writing email messages based on this data will ensure a more personalised experience for your audience, which is what many consumers today expect from brands. 

You can use tools to help you segment this data and create perfectly personalised email marketing messages. Tailoring the body content to these segments will help to improve the likelihood that consumers will take the action suggested by the email. Be sure that consumers do not receive more than one email based on their segmentation, as this can prove to be confusing and annoying to the consumer. 


Make Your Message Scannable


Now, when we say “scannable” here, we do not mean that you should include a QR code or barcode, but that the content should be short, easy-to-read, and broken up into catchy subheadings with plenty of white space and visuals. Readers often want to see the marketing message upfront, and should be able to understand your message within minutes, if not seconds. 

Having a scannable email marketing message is vital in today’s world, especially as many users now open and read emails on mobile devices rather than on desktop computers. If a consumer has to read a long email message, it is highly likely that they will ignore it or delete it without even reaching the end of the email (and without clicking on your call-to-action button). You should focus on writing a short message and dividing it up into colourful and clearly outlined sections. 


Pretty Preview Text


Preview text for email marketing is almost as important as the subject line. What is preview text, you wonder? In simple terms, the preview text is the piece of text that appears next to the subject line, telling readers more about the email they are (hopefully) about to open. It is often the first line of the email, which means this line has to be perfectly written. 

Your preview text should further entice readers into opening the email you have sent, and should not contain unclickable links or instructions on how to read the email. Instead, it should be exciting and informative. For example, you could say something along the lines of, “Hi John, by opening this email you are opening up a world of opportunities”. The reader will be intrigued and will open the email. 


Keep Everything Cohesive


Putting all of the above tips together will result in an email marketing message that can help conversions, but the final step will really tie it all together: keep your landing page or link in line with your content. If your call-to-action is, “Sign Up Now” but your landing page is a product page, consumers will be very confused and will likely click away and ignore future emails. 

Have a super subject line, write for your different consumer segments, make your message short and scannable, and keep preview text in mind. If you would like expert help for your email marketing strategy, drop a line to the NetMechanic team today to find out what we can do for you.