Black Friday has recently become one of the major shopping days of the year in South Africa. Shopaholics and casual buyers alike await the specials with bated breath, and the competition to attract these buyers is strong among brands and their competitors. If you would like to increase sales and improve brand awareness before and during Black Friday, you need to have the right customer engagement tools, such as a landing page. 

You should include a landing page in your digital marketing strategy for this monumental shopping day. Having a dedicated page for Black Friday will excite customers leading up to the event and, once the day has started, you will likely be able to close many sales. But, for those who are not digital marketing experts, a landing page might sound a little tricky. 

If you are not sure where to start for your Black Friday landing page, below we give some top tips. 


Be Loud And Clear


When you are crafting the message for your landing page, it is important to think like a consumer, rather than like a business. And consumers do not want a complicated landing page with too many branding messages on it – this is confusing and will likely deter them from exploring your landing page any further. 

For any Black Friday messaging, you should focus on one particular line of products or services that you will be discounting and selling. Include only the most important information about your products and services and be sure to highlight what makes them unique. This landing page is not the platform to wax lyrical about the history of your brand, it is purely a sales and lead generation page, so be sure to keep your messaging loud and clear. 


Call Them To Action


One of the most important components of any digital or content marketing strategy is an effective call-to-action or CTA. The CTA for your Black Friday landing page should be simple and easy-to-understand for any user. Once you have made your offer, you need to provide a specific action for consumers to take. 

Your CTA should be visually obvious and so compelling that consumers take action before they even realise it. For example, if your landing page is leading up to your Black Friday specials, you could have a CTA such as “Sign Up To Reserve Your Spot”. This will attract their attention because it not only provides a clear action to take, but it appeals to their sense of urgency and the idea of being a VIP on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. 


Don’t Overcomplicate Your UX


Once you have decided on your message and CTA, you need to think about the UX (user experience) design. The UX design for your Black Friday landing page should be simple and intuitive, providing consumers with a positive and stress-free experience. For example, you can do this by keeping the number of items displayed on your landing page to a minimum. 

Be sure not to inundate your landing page with imagery right up-front. You can keep the consumer interested by revealing your deals as the user clicks through various sections of your landing page during their shopping journey. Another important tip is to never ask a consumer to register on your landing page as soon as they click onto it, rather save this for the checkout page or have it as a call-to-action. 


Love Those Links


A landing page should always have relevant links to products or other content pages. Your CTAs should link through to relevant locations, such as a product page with further specials for your products. If you are offering a 15 or 20 percent discount voucher for in-store purchases, this link should go directly to a PDF or printable document. 

Thank you pages could have links on them taking consumers to other pages of your website. For example, you could have a “Discover More” CTA at the bottom of a registration thank you page that takes consumers to your product page or even a blog page with informative articles. Keeping links relevant and easy to find on your landing page will ensure more click-throughs to your website and will provide a positive user experience. 


Wrap It Up


Using landing pages for your Black Friday sales is a highly effective digital marketing tactic. When done correctly, you will drive a significant number of sales and can even bring in more leads, conversions, and customers. Make sure your messaging is easy-to-understand, that your calls-to-action make sense, and that your UX is clean and simple. 

Black Friday can be a massive income-generating day for any e-commerce business, but if your landing pages are not effective, you might find yourself missing the mark. If you would like to improve your marketing campaign for this shopping event, speak to NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.