During times of crisis, it can be difficult to maintain any marketing efforts, especially in terms of content marketing. However, there are some ways that you can maintain your content marketing strategy even when your business (and your country) are facing a crisis. Content marketing trends can help to maintain your efforts as well as your online visibility during a difficult time. 

If you are using a content marketing strategy for your brand or business, you do not need to abandon it during a difficult time. You can invest in video content to improve your ranking, interactive content so that people can still connect with your brand during a crisis or lockdown period, and you should continue your search engine optimisation efforts in order to maintain your visibility. 

Not sure where to start? Below we give some top tips on how to maintain your content marketing strategy during a crisis. 


Focus On Your Audience


During times of crisis, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, people are going to be scared and stressed. Rather than focusing on your latest campaign or product, you should focus on their needs when creating a content marketing strategy. Look for ways to put your audience first by addressing their needs and concerns. 

For example, if you are a financial institution, you could create a video or infographic sharing how your clients can save money during this time or how small businesses can continue growing during this difficult time. Be sure to make your content positive and encouraging and avoid using alarmist language. 


Change Up Keyword Choices


For the success of any content marketing strategy, you need to have relevant keywords. Now, during a time of crisis, these keywords are likely to change, especially if you are in a retail or entertainment industry. You will need to research what people are searching for in your industry and use these to improve and maintain your content marketing and SEO efforts.

If you would still like to appear in searches, you will need to be smart about the content that you create and the wording you use. You can monitor Google trends to see what people are searching for and use this data to create content. This will help you to remain relevant, and when the unrest is over, you will not have lost out on customers or visibility. 


Embrace Employee Generated Content


During this time, your employees also need to be shown that you care about them, and you can use this as part of your content marketing strategy too. Ask your employees to create Instagram Stories for your business showing your audience what they are watching on Netflix, what their work-from-home stations look like, or how they are staying healthy and prepared. 

It is an opportunity to spotlight your company culture and show how dedicated your employees are. This is also interactive content, which will encourage your audience to engage with your business and keep you at front-of-mind. Using employee-generated-content will also help to maintain a positive image for your brand. 


Avoid Unnecessary Announcements


While press releases and announcements are key parts of any content marketing strategy, during a time of lockdown or crisis, these should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The harsh reality is that your audience is likely not too interested in your latest service or product at the moment, unless it is an essential service or product. 

You should work on a campaign that you can release once the panic has died down, or if you do not have time to wait for that, do not make a massive announcement. Keep it low key and be mindful of what your audience is concentrating on right now. Rather announce new products and services during a time when people will be interested. 


Create Helpful Content


Whether or not your product or service can be helpful during this time of difficulty, you can still create content that can help your consumers make it through this time. You can help to inspire, educate, and even entertain people who might be stuck at home all day. And, the benefit of this is, your entertaining content has the chance of going viral if it is done correctly and if it is relevant. 

It is vital to remember that your content marketing strategy should, during this difficult time, focus on helping people and not patting yourself on the back too much. Focus on helping your audience to make it through a difficult time and you will see that your content marketing remains intact and your online visibility does not waver or drop. 


Don’t Panic


In the words of the great Douglas Adams, “Don’t panic!” (and always have a towel with you). The lockdown period will not last forever, and you can continue with content marketing for your business despite having to make changes to your daily life. Your brand does not need to become invisible, you will simply need to change your tactics. 

If you would like to maintain or improve your content marketing strategy during this time of crisis, speak to the NetMechanic team today to find out how we can help you.