In 2020, email marketing is still as alive as ever, and without an updated strategy for yours, you might find yourself losing out on new and current customers. If you have noticed that your email newsletter subscriber numbers have dropped, or that there is a higher number of “unsubscribes” each month, it is high time to breathe new life into your email marketing strategy. 

When you are working on an email marketing strategy staying up-to-date with trends is important. This is especially true in 2020, when we have new and exciting content marketing trends arising on a regular basis. You will need to refresh your email marketing strategy to meet the expectations that consumers have in today’s modern world. Below we look at how you can refresh your email marketing in 2020. 


Use Data For Relevancy


If there is one thing that your customers hate, it is receiving emails from brands that are irrelevant or sent at the wrong time. To remedy this, you should look at the analytical data you have in order to provide content that is relevant to the individual consumer at the right point in their customer journey. 

Irrelevant content can turn away both loyal and potential customers, which can be highly detrimental to your email marketing strategy. You can use customer behaviour data and preferences to discover what content should be sent to which customers (also known as segmentation), helping you to send relevant and appropriate content to your consumers every time. 


Suss Out Your Sign Up Process


An effective way of refreshing and improving your email marketing strategy is to look at how people sign up to your email newsletters. You could offer website visitors a new and unique way to sign up for your email list, such as offering an incentive in return for their email address. For online retailers, this could be a 10 percent off voucher for your customer’s next purchase. 

Another effective incentive is a white paper or helpful guide about a topic that your consumers search for regularly, which is especially effective for those in the corporate or financial industry. Instead of having your signup form on your sidebar, experiment with another placement or use a fun and eye-catching exit-intent popup, which are well known for high conversion rates. 


Invest In A Design Refresh


If you have been using the same email marketing design for the past few years, it might be time to update your design and messaging. A vital part of your email newsletter design should be mobile responsiveness, as more and more people today are opening their emails on their mobile devices…and this is where they make most of their decisions, too. 

Your email design will need to take this mobile audience into account, so be sure to think about a smaller screen when designing the newsletter. Use plenty of white space between paragraphs, keep your copy short and punchy, and use optimised images that load quickly for mobile devices. Also, be sure to keep your design clean and modern without too much clutter. 


Have A Clear Call-To-Action


You have grabbed the attention of your audience with a beautifully designed email, and they have read your message from beginning to end…but now what? If your email does not have a clear purpose or goal, then your audience is likely to simply ignore it and all future emails from your brand. 

All of your email marketing material should have a clear call-to-action, which can either be in your email signature or in the copy of the email itself. Do you want readers to visit your website? Use this command as a CTA at the end of your email with a corresponding link. If you would like them to make a purchase in your online store, tell them to do so and send them to the relevant page. A call-to-action should be simple and easy to understand for consumers. 


Remember That Less Is More


Gone are the days of having cluttered email marketing designs and superfluous copy. In 2020, consumers want brands to arrive at the point of their message without asking them to wade through too much content. This is especially true in today’s mobile-forward age, when a simplistic design is optimal for smaller screens. 

You should focus on creating a single focus message that combines your wording, design, and colour and making this message skimmable. The subject line of your email marketing message should instantly grab the attention of your audience, and the very first sentence of your message should encourage them to read more. 

Your email marketing strategy should use data to ensure relevancy, have an improved sign up process, and be optimised for mobile users. If you want to reach your clients through email marketing, drop the NetMechanic team a line today for more information on what our process entails.