Facebook Messenger is fast becoming a popular marketing tactic. Why? Well, it has an almost 80 percent open rate, and a 60 percent clickthrough rate, which are significant numbers in the eyes of the marketing world. But, for those who are not completely sure how to use Facebook Messenger, it can be tricky to use this tool effectively and efficiently. 

When you are creating a social media marketing strategy it is important to be aware of the tools. Facebook Messenger is a messenger app developed by the social media giant which has unique features you can use to engage with your audience. The Facebook chatbots that you can make use of can help to improve engagement with your audience and will allow you to have a more personalised conversation with them.

Want to make the most of this nifty feature? Below we give some top tips on how to use Facebook Messenger for social media marketing. 


Automate Private Responses


There is a bot that you can use on your Facebook (known as a “comment guard”) that allows you to send an automated Facebook response to someone who mentions your company or brand in a comment or even in a review. This can help you to pursue leads, if the comment is positive, or open up a conversation about a complaint they might have. It helps you to provide a personalised experience and can build your list of potential leads, as you can store the data of the person who replies to your Facebook message. 


Send Out Relevant Content


One of the best ways to use Facebook Messenger for social media marketing is to use it to send relevant content to your followers. This can be highly effective as people are more likely to open a Facebook message from a brand than they are to open a mass email. You can send a short message with a link to a blog you have just written, or send a link to video content about a recent promotion. This form of direct messaging is more personal and can lead to optimal conversion results. 


Remarket To Potential Customers


Facebook Messenger allows you to send sponsored messages to people who have interacted with your page before, helping you to highlight products or services they might be interested in. This can help with improving your conversion rates and can help you to make meaningful contact with potential leads you can nurture. For example, if someone has already shown interest in a product you are advertising, you could remind them of this product with a voucher for a similar product or a link to a “How To” blog about this product. 


Choose A Chat Widget


A Facebook Messenger chat widget is a widget that you can have on your website that allows customers to send you a direct Facebook message. For many consumers today, this is a preferred method of contacting a business, as sometimes, emails can be lost, phone calls can be dropped, and SMS replies can be forgotten about. Messenger chats are run by chatbots, which means that you do not need live staff to answer, until the sales funnel reaches this point. This helps the customer to feel engaged and as though they are being listened to, and you can customise replies for better personalisation tactics. 


Engage More For Events


If you will be hosting an event, whether it is online or at a venue, you can use Facebook Messenger to send out personalised reminders to attendees to remind them of when the event starts, send real-time updates to those who might not have been able to make it but who are still interested in seeing what took place, and you can improve engagement overall. People enjoy using social media to share events, and you can even set up a Facebook Messenger group for attendees to share images, questions, and queries in. This can all be used in future posts to promote upcoming events, too, as user generated content is hugely popular. 


Make The most Of Facebook Messenger


Facebook messenger is the ideal tool for improving your social media marketing strategy. You can use it to create automated private responses to comments to enhance engagement, send out relevant content directly for better website traffic, create effective remarketing strategies, and provide helpful advice through a chatbot. 

Social media marketing is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy, and you should use every tool at your disposal to improve yours. If you would like help with boosting your social media presence, contact NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.