Cape Town boasts a variety of national treasures.  From the legendary Table Mountain to Cape Town’s famous bergies, the city depicts diversity, innovation and originality.  Thus it came as no surprise that this beautiful city was named the World Design Capital 2014 this morning in Taipei.  This announcement will surely drive investment in design from public and private sectors that will lead to building a creative, innovation-based living sector.

NetMechanic thrives on creativity through design and the ability to create unique visuals to communicate our client’s brand.  Our designers place heavy emphasis on up-front strategy, audience definition, and quality graphic development.

A great design can determine whether your business succeeds or fails and this is why it is imperative to any business to pay attention to the quality of visuals used.

We list a couple of key points we consider when creating a design:

  • Initial research to determine the target audience and what the message is that we are trying to convey.
  • Does the visual grab attention?  Does it stand out against competitors?
  • Would the image create a recall within the consumer or client? Is it memorable?
  • Does the image contribute to building your brand and does it create a presence for your company?

A good design can add to the visual appeal, professionalism and usability of your site.  NetMechanic creates websites where web design is teamed with graphics to ensure fresh, unique visual that will drive impressions, brand building and sales.

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