What is AdWords?

Ever heard of Google AdWords but not sure what it is? Or have you never heard of Google AdWords? If this applies to you then this is a perfect opportunity to find out.

Google AdWords is a means of advertising online. Have you ever just scrolled past the first 3 results when searching for something due to the fact that it says “Ad” next to it in a green block? If so, you have just scrolled past what is known as Google AdWords.

You just scrolled past something specifically designed to provide you with the information you were intentionally looking for.

Why do we use Google AdWords?

Why do we scroll past these Ads? Is it because we thought the Ads are just spam? Well I can assure you that these Ads are not spam and is specifically designed to fulfil your needs. Whether it is looking for a new pair of shoes or a new software system you would like to implement in your company.

Google AdWords are used by the consumers to find what they are looking for faster. And advertisers use Google AdWords to help those consumers actively looking for a specific product to find their website.

If you have a business and want to find out how you are able to use these ads to your benefit and target consumers already looking for your product.

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