Many digital marketing experts agree that backlinking can have a significantly positive impact on the rankings of a website. It is a culmination of skills that, when put together, help to improve the visibility of your website and send signals to search engines that website is trustworthy. A link building strategy is an important part of any search engine optimisation campaign. However, it can be tricky to manoeuvre when you are not sure about what factors are important to consider. 

When you are planning a digital marketing strategy it is important to understand every factor involved. Link building is a highly effective method of building your search engine ranking and is a viable method of search engine optimisation (SEO) for digital marketing companies. Below we look at some of the important factors that matter when it comes to link building. 


Root Domain Link Numbers


A root domain is the core address of a website, such as www. netmechanic. co. za. If you have a high number of links from different root domains to your website, you will likely rank higher than one with a lower number and variety. Search engines will count two links from the same root domain as one root domain link, meaning that while your link numbers might seem high, you will not have as high a ranking as another website. 

You should be sure to try and gain as many different lining root domains as possible. This way your links will be unique and search engines will see you as being more trustworthy and as having more value to consumers. It sends the signal that more than one website is linking to your website or content, meaning that you are relevant and valuable to multiple sources and consumers. 


Linking Website Domain Age


While it is true that not every young website is a spam or fake website, Google puts more value behind older domains that link to your website. This is because false websites are usually abandoned after six months to one year, whereas genuine websites are maintained and updated regularly. This is because the owners are legitimate. 

The older a domain is, the more weight its backlink will carry. However, this should not stop you from reaching out to websites that are two or three years old when requesting a link to your websites. You should always perform an analysis on the websites that are linking to you. This will help you to see their spam rating or if they have received a penalty from Google or any other search engine. 


Authority Of The Linking Page 


One of the most important factors when it comes to building links is the authority of the page that is linking to your website or page. Links from authoritative pages are seen as carrying more authority and trustworthiness behind them and this will also increase the authority of your own website. 

Google will not share the authority information publicly, but does use this as part of their PageRank algorithm. This algorithm is helpful for Google as it allows them to ascertain which pages are authoritative and which are not. You can use online tools to see the authority of the pages that are linking to you and to see your own page authority in order to improve your SEO tactics and strategies. 


Overall Website Authority


As well as the authority of the page that is linking to your website or web page, an important factor in a link building strategy is the authority of the domain’s sitewide authority. For example, a link from a website such as Forbes will have a much higher impact on your rankings than a link from an unknown blogger or website. 

It is true that these links are difficult to obtain but they are well worth the effort. Using an online tool to ascertain the domain authority of the website. If you have one or more links from websites that have a high authority, you will soon see your own website improving in both visibility and position in rank on search engine results pages. The overall website authority will play a large role in determining which links are helping and which are harming your website. 


Putting It All Together


Knowing which factors can affect your link building success can help immensely when trying to improve your backlinking profile. Start by looking at the variety of linking root domains that you have, then look at the age of the domains that are linking to your website. You should also look at the page and domain authority of the linking websites. 

When you combine all of these metrics, you will be able to successfully develop a link building strategy to improve your SEO and digital marketing efforts. If you would like the help of an expert to improve your online visibility, contact NetMechanic today to find out how we can help you.