Brands, and consumers, demand a lot from a logo. A logo needs ot be simple enough to be memorable while still conveying the vision, mission, and ethos of a brand. And your logo design needs to resonate with consumers. The design needs to be timeless while also being modern, which is a lot to expect from a simple symbol. However, trends change each year, and this is especially true for brand logos. 

When you are thinking about logo design it is important to consider your own brand values and aesthetic. Combining these with some popular trends will help to ensure that your brand does not become outdated in the eyes of the consumer. With a new year comes new and exciting trends, and below we discuss the logo trends to watch for 2020. 


Keep It Simple


Simplification of logo design is nothing new, but in 2020, we see minimalism come back into fashion. This will see brands using simple elements and clear, easy-to-read fonts which can make them more memorable and easier to find on mobile phones and apps. Geometric shapes made up of thin, simple lines will also become more popular with modern brands. Along with this simplicity is the use of one or two key colours for a more rounded design. 


All About Animation


Whether a brand chooses a cartoonesque logo design to come across as fun and friendly, or a classic black and white logo for a classic combination, animated logos will become more and more popular. Animated logos can help to set a brand apart from the competition, and can help to improve consumer engagement. With how popular video content has become, it stands to reason that animated logos will become just as popular. 


Unique And Unusual


Each year brings with it new and unusual typography, and designers will often use the most unique fonts in logos. Bold, new fonts will be mixed with firm favourites for a creative look. The typography you choose should be in line with the rest of your branding. Unique fonts are ideal for modern and innovative brands rather than those who have a more conservative audience. 


Ramp Up Responsiveness


Functional and user-friendly design will never go out of style, but in 2020 we will see responsive logos for many brands. A responsive logo design is one which adapts to different screen sizes. This means it will always look its best, no matter the size of the screen. A responsive logo is ideal for any brand, no matter what industry you are in. It might make extra work for a designer, but the end result will look amazing on any device. 


Great Gradients


For those who are not a fan of minimalist logos, there is always the option of having brightly coloured, gradient colours that pop. Some brands prefer neon shades for their gradients while others opt for pastels. The neon colours that were popular in the 1980s will make a comeback in 2020 for gradient logos, but designers may also use pastel shades or even stick to two colours to create an effective gradient logo. 


Craving Chaos


We have spoken about Brutalism in website design, but this could also extend to logos. Asymmetrical and chaotic arrangements will likely explode onto the scene, all for the right brands, of course. Your company name should still be easily legible, of course, but grouping the letters in a haphazard method or even mirroring them to show backwards is a trend that we could see emerging in 2020. 


Nostalgic Design


While the retro aesthetic might not work for every brand, it has seen a rise in popularity over the past year, and into 2020. Some brands have seen success with returning to their original logo for a certain time in celebration of a milestone, such as a 50th birthday celebration for the brand. Using retro or vintage fonts can be a simple way to bring in nostalgia to your logo and to your branding. 


Cute And Cartoony


In 2020, the flat cartoon-style logo will see a rise in use, especially for those brands who want to be seen as more engaging and unique when compared to their competition. Some brands will add more detail to the flat cartoon style logo design to add nuance, while others prefer the simplicity and quirkiness of less detail. Cartoon logos are ideal for younger, up-and-coming brands and not those who are more corporate or serious. 


Let Your Logo Guide Your Audience


Your logo should stand out from the crowd and should make you memorable. The trends of 2020 should help you to be seen and to reach both your current and your potential clients. Simplified logos with thin lines will become more common, as will animated, cartoon-style images. Chaotic font arrangements and unusual typography will also make an appearance. 

If you would like a new logo designed for your brand, or would like an overhaul of your current one, speak to the NetMechanic team today to see what we can create for you.