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Reliable, readily-available Magento hosting services

Your e-commerce website has been developed and it looks stunning and works like a dream, but you need a place for it to “live” on the internet. NetMechanic has the ideal solution with our affordable Magento hosting packages.

We offer the performance that Magento websites need in order to maintain their 99% uptime for customers. With us, you can expect powerful servers that will keep your site running at all times, as well as expert support for any questions you may have. Our Magento hosting in Cape Town is the ideal option for anyone who is serious about making their ecommerce business a success.

The NetMechanic team offers reliable, readily-available Magento hosting services with the best security practices for your Magento website. Your customers will feel at ease shopping knowing that their details are being kept safe and secure. With our team of hosting superheroes at the ready, you can rest assured that your Magento website will be (and stay) up-and-running in no time!

We provide a wide range of hosting options and packages, for those who might only have simple needs to those who want something a little extra. You can expect your site to remain running at all times, whether it is the busy holiday season or a normal shopping period.