Magento is one of the top eCommerce platforms around. Established in 2008, it has grown and strengthened year by year. Especially now as many countries are in Lockdown or unable for people to venture out and shop at malls, E-commerce has grown daily and so has Magento. We have seen phenomenal growth with our existing Magento clients since Covid has hit us. 


Magento stands out amongst its competitors

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) attributes are found on many website platforms, some have more features than others.  At the end of the day, if you want to get the most out of your website, it is best practice to put these E-commerce SEO features into practice from the get-go. With Magento, you can’t go wrong. With simple features like category page optimization, which allows for layered navigation found in Magento, visitors can navigate their way around your site and find what they are looking for without having to jump from page to page.


Sitemap Amplification

With Magento, the default XML sitemaps have been strengthened. These sitemaps offer informative data about the website URLs which allows for the website to be crawled faster and more systematically. Ensuring your Magento website has a well-structured sitemap, will overall improve your site’s visibility on search engines.


Unified Content Pages

Backlinks are an important part of improving your SEO. With Magento, it is very easy to engage and share your content online, and this of course assists in improving your backlinks.



How quickly your website opens a relevant page is very important. There is nothing more frustrating than finding something you wish to look at online, and boom, you sit there waiting while the page opens up. Fast loading time is key to getting visitors to your site.  By ensuring your website is super speedy, you are guaranteed to have more people engaging on your site. The super powerhouse that is Magento is able to handle massive site traffic, and that is why more and more large companies rely on Magento, with the correct server environment. NetMechanic has the knowledge and can guide you on the correct hosting environment.