Personalised Communication Makes You Stand Out

We have all received an email from a brand at some point in our lives, and most likely have sent out emails to customers before. But what sets apart those brands and people that you trust? The answer: an email signature with their branding, website, and social media links.

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Connect with your customers on a more personal level

Mail-to-mail marketing is part of an email marketing strategy that will help you to reach your customers on a more personal level, allowing you to perform lead generation through the use of banners, landing pages and newsletter signups, as well as a mobile friendly view in your email signature.

With NetMechanic, we will work with you to build an email signature that reflects your brand, can be easily modified if new staff arrive or if your information should change, and that grabs the attention of your audience. You can differentiate your brand and add value every time you send an email.

Our services include inserting your brand into your email signature, adding tracked links to landing pages or newsletter signups, and ensuring it is responsive for mobile devices.

Still not convinced about a personalised email signature? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Brand consistency is ensured across all communication from your company
  • Value is added to all communication with your clients and audience
  • You can create targeted campaigns to different audience segments
  • Interactive signatures can drive targeted traffic to your website
  • With trackable links, you can monitor the success of your campaigns

Today’s consumers expect a brand to be trustworthy and personalised, and what better way to provide this than with a branded email signature? We are one of the leading email marketing agencies in South Africa, so let us help you stand out from the crowd.