The saying, “Less is more”, can be applied to many things, but not many people see the value of minimalism in website design. Those who are not in the know might assume that minimalist website design is simply “reducing” the design elements on the website, but it is an entire mindset and attitude towards how work is approached. 

You should consider a minimalist website design to maximise all aspects of your business. Confusing? Think about it like this: minimalism is about creating seamless user experiences on your website without unnecessary design elements taking away from the experience. Minimalism provides you with an intelligent, modern, and user-focused website, allowing your customers to focus on your products and services rather than on a confusing website design. 

In this article, we take a closer look at what minimalist design is.


Essential Elements Of Minimalist Website Design


More Negative Space

With traditional websites, negative space is still used but not to the extent it is used in minimalist website design. Using negative space correctly can make your website feel easier to use and read, and can be useful in guiding users to calls-to-action on the page. With negative space, all elements on the page are balanced out, making it easier on the eye and a better experience for users. Negative space also helps to highlight products on the page, making it easier for people to buy what they need. 


Simple Typography

You might not think that fonts and typography are important to the design of a website, but they are some of the core elements of minimalist website design. With minimalist design, fonts and typography are kept simple and easy to read, especially if they are the focal point on some pages. Typography in the Sans-serif family are often used because they are clean and simple to read. Combining Sans-serif typography with bold and large fonts is effective in driving emotions and encouraging users to take action. Overly-decorative typography is generally avoided. 


Bold Visuals

An effective minimalist website design often uses bold visuals to portray a message. Contrasting colours and simple images are used to appeal to users, as these have been reported to be more engaging and help users to form positive opinions about a brand. The simple images and bold colours can help to draw the user’s eye to calls-to-action and contact buttons. Your homepage could consist of one clear image with minimal Sans-serif typography in order to draw the eye to important calls-to-action and information, which can sometimes be difficult on cluttered, more traditional websites. 


Streamline Navigation Menus

Some UX designers can take minimalist website design a little too far by removing the navigation menu completely, and while removing the unnecessary elements is important, going too far can also be detrimental. For an ideal minimalist website design, you should use a hamburger menu at the top of your homepage. The homepage button itself can be hidden in the logo for ease of access. Never make it too difficult for users to navigate your website, regardless of if you have a minimalist design or not. 


Choose Colours Carefully

Colour plays a large role in website design, and when it comes to minimalist website design, your colours should be chosen carefully. Having a maximum of two colours used throughout your website, or focusing on your brand colours, can help to focus the eye on what is most important on the page. Whether you decide on neutral tones or bright neons, the colours you choose should create a welcoming and inviting experience for your users. 


Make Your Website Spark Joy

Putting together all of the elements of minimalist website design can help you to create a user friendly and streamlined website. Start by using more negative space on each page, and remember to stick to simpler typography. Bold visuals, streamlined menus, and carefully chosen colours will also help to create the perfect minimalist website design. 

If you would like your website to speak joy, speak to the NetMechanic team today to find out how we can help you.